Money scam???

Funny story people,
I was so scared!!
I got a call from a Chinese guy claiming that he is from Ambank and I have a pending transaction in a Gold Jewellery Shop in KLIA costing RM 3800. Should I approve or not the transaction?
So I immediately got angry? What Ambank?? What credit card? I don't have and never applied Ambank Credit Card at all.
This Chinese officer refused to speak English. He insisted on speaking Malay.
Since his Chinese accent was so thick, I couldn't understand him.
So I asked him,'U boleh cakap English?'

He answered,'No ini line Bahasa Melayu. Buat apa nak cakap English, BM kan bahasa official'.
So I said,'Yes tapi susah nak faham u punya Bahasa tak bagus'.

So, he said that my name has been used to apply for a credit card and that he will file a report to Bank Negara to further investigate.
After 10 minutes, I received a call from an officer from Bank Negara.
A Chinese guy too with a very bad Malay accent.

I was so angry because it was hard to understand him which made me thinj, 'why the hell do Ambank and Bank Negara hired an officer for public relation with a very bad Bahasa Melayu conduct and refusing to speak English too.

This are the numbers 0326988044 and 03 27759000 

He asked my personal details such as my name, my ic numbers, my phone numbers, my occupation and place of work, my address, any bank account that I have or credit cards, any bank loan.

I was doubting but I answered all the questions.
What bank account do you have: Maybank
When asked the amount of my account, because he has to insured them in case of a loss, I told him I have less than 30 ringgit on purpose.
Why so little: Owh I keep my money under my pillow.

At first I was suspicious because of the thick Chinese accent. Nobody professional speaks that bad and unable to speak English.

Occupation: housewife.

He must have thought what a poor bastard this lady is.

His line was not clear and he accused me by saying that it was my line which was bad.
I told him that I just called my husband and my line was perfect. It was his.

I was rude too. Which happens when I got annoyed of his language and the bad reception.

'Okay adik, saya rasa ada sindiket telah menyalahguna identiti awak untuk apply credit card.
Kemungkinan mereka akan apply lebih banyak loan atau credit card lain jadi awak perlu senyap sementara siasatan dijalankan. Awak ada buat transaction hari ini?'

I said no.

He told me not to make any transaction within this 3 days and he will send reports to me in 7 days. If I filed a false report regarding the Ambank Credit Card, I will be punished. The conversation will be recorded for court case.

So I asked him,'how can I be sure that you are from Bank Negara when your line is so bad?'

He snapped back by saying that it was my line because his was fine.

After the phone call, I called Bank Negara and a Malay lady answered. Her line was so clear. I told her about what has happened and she said that he was the scam. I wasn't the first one who called for this and they have made an arrest in Johor according to the Star today. She told me that those people have my information already that was why they called to check and to scare me. Usually people would start transferring money or make transactions which will result in the loss of money. Or reset account password.

I told her that I did not give my account numbers or password.
She assured me that they can't do anything with that information as long as I do not reset my password or make transactions for now.

She said I was lucky because others have gone into a state of panic and started moving money or resetting password which resulted in the loss of huge amount.

More of this scam groups will be arrested she said because police are following the case so closely.

And she reminded me to spread the words. If anyone wants to know more, you guys can go to the Bank Negara website and it will be explained.

We have to be more careful from now on.


  1. i kena this money scam this morning also.. they asked same questions as what u said abv..luckily i don't exposed my credit card password & security code to them.. they also asked me bank saving a/c bal.. i said RM1.00..~faint~ haha.....hope everything will be fine...Thx GOD..

  2. hahaha I said maybe RM 31 or maybe 0. Dia mesti ingat ni org miskin ni. Hopefully, takde apa2. I am still monitoring my account. So far, so good.


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