My life


Lets face it, it is not easy being a working mother and juggling duty as a wife and mother.
Sometimes,I wonder where do I get my strength. Hopefully my maid will come soon.
I have to stop bringing Isabella to work.
Lets face it she is too active now and she wants to explore.
I have to balance her routine between watching baby tv on laptop and crawling under supervision, standing and walking on the wall outside the clinic.
At times, we go for a stroll in the park nearby and just sit there until patient comes in.
I don't want to bore her with too much watching tv programmes.
She sleeps twice during the day and Thank God they are long naps.

Then, I can concentrate on work.

I usually cook her food on daily basis but  vegetables' puree would be frozen in the freezer for the days when I cannot cook. Like today.
However, as I was in a hurry in the morning, I have forgotten her meal.
So off we went to the Cold Storage for groceries hunting.
I just love the produce they have here. Mostly imported canned food, cheese, dairy products which I cannot get in a regular store. The vegetables and fruits are fresh too.

My husband is pretty busy these days. He will leave house before I wake up and comes back after Maghrib when I am off to work. He comes to pick Isabella from me and take her home.

So, I am so used to doing things with Isabella that she has become my buddy. Since she was born, she accompanies me to the post office, the supermarket, the bank and etc.

I rarely see a lady and a baby outside without a father. No wonder I always get the stares. They must be thinking that I am a single mother.

The good thing is, my baby is a heaven sent.
Look how she is sitting, holding the rails for safety.
Se decided to participate in the task of shopping too.

I am totally blessed with a wonderful child. If I have otherwise, I don't think I can manage this well.
Bless you my daughter. We have 3 more weeks before daddy will be with us again.


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