Favourite things about Eid..

Salam everyone,
Hello to none Muslims,
As you all know, we are in the midst of Ramadhan, a fasting month.
In 2 weeks time, we will celebrate Eid Mubarak.
How is your preparation so far?

This year, it is my husband's turn to celebrate first day of raya with his family, which means we are going back to Negeri Sembilan.
Since I will be working on the fourth day of Raya, we won't be going back to Kedah.
No more traffic jam for us.
Last year the traffic heading to the north was so bad.

My preparation is simple.
I only used the materials I bought last year before I found out I was pregnant.
I had several materials for last year's raya because I didn't make them all into traditional clothes since they will be a waste.
This year, I am going to enjoy my raya to the fullest.
No more being huge carrying watermelon around.
I have sent 3 cloths to my designer.
I also bought several outfits from Zalora and fashion valet.
Got myself the Cempaka baju kurung by Nora Danish, Rizalman and JM traditional wear.
Isabella has one matchy traditional wear which we will wear on the first day of Raya.
The other outfits are just dresses and overall for her.
I love a baby in overall.

My husband has not done his raya shopping yet.
Poor baby.
Looking at his schedule, I reckon we could only get his stuff and my handbag/shoes on the final week of Ramadhan.

I love the ritual of the 1st Syawal.
That is when all of us will wake up early, get ready to go for Eid prayer.
I hope I can still do it with Isabella around.
I wonder how she will behave.
I really want her to come along just like how my grandma used to take me with her to the mosque for usrah, tarawih, eid prayer and so on at an early age.
It is a wondeful exposure.

Dr Halina also takes her baby to Palestine and Tasha was just lying there while she prays.
Hmm Isabella might be wandering around the mosque at this age.

Then, we will get to visit the grave of my father's in law.
Last year I visitted my grandma and grandpa's graves in Kulim.
While reading Yasin, I just couldn't stop crying.
I wasn't feeling sad.
I was just... that.. I really missed my grandma.
I wish she can be here celebrating raya with us.
I know she is in a better place.
That lady never spoke ill of anyone.
A gentle soul, very soft- spoken lady and spent her time wisely reciting Quran, zikir and pray.
She practically raised me up.
How I wished that she can meet Isabella.

After coming back from the mosque, we will go back to the house.
Kneeling down on my knees and asking forgiveness to my husband, my father and mother.
This year will be the third raya with my husband eventhough we are married for 2 years plus only.
I love that moment, when my hands in his and he hugs me with a kiss on my forehead.
Like a clean slate.
Who doesn't want a clean slate from your husband right.
God knows, we make a lot of mistake and say sinful things to them unconsiously at times.
Eventhough, we try to control it.

Every year during this time, I would feel blessed for having my husband by my side.
I just couldn't get anyone better than this.
I love him so much.
Wanna hug him when he comes home hahaha.

The next favourite thing to do is head to the kitchen and eat ketupat pulut.
I am not a fan of ketupat nasi/ nasi himpit at all.
No lontong for me please.
I am a Kedahan so ketupat pulut is the definition of raya.
Sadly, they don't do that in the southern, so I have to settle for lemang only.
That is okay.
Raya cookies for me will be Pineapple tart, caramel shortbread, Almond London.
The next favourite are Mazola biscuits, Makmur or Suji.
But they have to be really good.
I am very fussy eater.
Chocolate cake will be from Nurul Huda Kexbakery this year:)

This year will be the best Raya since this is Isabella's first raya with us.
Last year couldn't be counted as she was busy kicking me inside.

I hope we will all have a great Ramadhan and Eid everyone:)

Lots of love


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