Stubborn patient

I went to my parents house for Iftar today.
Again, my mother was bugging me about my dad.
You know how mothers are when they are worried about something.
They will not stop talking about it until we not only listen, but follow as commanded.
It is not that I am refusing to help.
I am just confused.
You see, she told me yesterday that my father has been having fever for several days.
He had constipation for several days and it resulted in pain at the anal region.

Yesterday, I sat next to him while he was watching tv.
Daddy and daughter time.
It is time I have a slow talk with the guy.
The guy hates doctor.
He doesn't like hospital/clinics anything with medical care.
He has Diabetes Mellitus but he is in a state of denial.
Thinking that he is so healthy.
Very difficult to serve this kind of patient.

'Daddy, I heard you are not well. Mama said that you have been having fever for several days'.
He replied,' no!! I don't have fever at all. The room was hot so I sweat. If I have fever, I would only sweat in the blanket not outside the blanket.

What kind of reason was that??? Very confusing. But whateva daddy.

So you are not having any fever?

daddy:No! I am fine. I just have this tenderness in my butt after pooping several time with constipated feces.

Me:How many days already ?
Dad:2 days.
Me:Okay that one can happen. Usually it recovers really fast. Just don't go on pooping hard stool again. If possible, let it heal before you go to toilet to do  'big job' again okay. Are you sure that you don't have fever?Because having fever for several days and persistent like mama said is no small thing. Especially when you are a Diabetic patient. It might be a sign of infection. Do you want me to check you?
daddy: (got all mad) I said I don't have fever! The room was hot. You don't go on listening to her. She always blow things out of proportion.

Wow! Wow! chill daddy
Hmm dah marah dah..
Told you he is sensitive about this.
So I kept quiet and changed topic.
He said he was fine and today mama said he lied.

Gosh elders!!!
Handling strangers are way easier.

So I went to the living room and again sat next to daddy.

Me:dad, if you feel uncomfortable, you can let other doctor check you.
I have a cream in the clinic. I can give you to apply on the skin to help with recovery.

dad:Okay I want that cream
Me:Okay lets go to the clinic with me now.
Dad:No I need to go to terawih.

Gosh ! The guy can't even walk straight.
I wonder if he is lying to me and that he is having hemmorhoid or fistula or whatever.
I could be as paranoid as my mom.
No, you can't go to terawih walking like that.
People might talk or accuse mommy of molesting you.

So, to appease mommy and me, he let my husband drive us to the clinic. After all, my break time was over.
I checked his temperature, blood pressure.
No fever.
Everything was fine.
I guess he really has that injury from hard stool.

So I gave him some cream to help with the pain and recovery, lactulose to soften the stool and panadol for pain killer.

I will follow up his case in 2 days time.

I am worried you know but he doesn't tell me this things like my mama does.
She will call me for every little thing she has.
It sucks if your daughter is a doctor and she can't take care of you.
No wonder I am stubborn.
Like my husband always say,'You are as stubborn as Cikgu Yusof (my dad)'
and my mama just nodded in agreement.


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