Sweet life

At times you feel like you have been working to hard.
Well lets face it. Living today is not as easy as my grandmother's time.
I mean that time, it was difficult to earn money but you don't have so much to pay.
These days, we live in a world of money. No money no honey babe.

Housing loan, car loans, living expenses, insurances, education fund, savings, investments, travelling and so on.

Come home from work and you put on your wifey, mommy hat.
The work never ends.

At times, you just need to sit back and let your feet crossed over on top of the study desk while you enjoy a bite of heavenly food.

This is from HudaKexbakery.
I promise you that she will not disappoint you.
All my orders are from her.

I'd rather not have a cake than taste a 'not good enough' one. They just spoil my mood and make me angry. So why risk it after too much disappointment.

You can follow her on facebook or instagram Nurul shari.

I know it is late for a dessert but what to do, I finish work at 10 p.m.
Once in a while right?? Hahahaha.


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