The last goodbye..

 A young man walked into the clinic with a painful gait.
He had a fall recently.
He looked good with the curly hair, middle height, thin built, age early 20s.

I wasn't in the mood for a chit chat as it was 4 p.m. and I am kind of exhausted from morning.
While examining his swollen foot,I asked him how he had fallen?

His answer was from a sport.

Judging at his age, I said,' skate boarding'.
He chuckled and said, ' you know doc'.

'Of course! I observe people'.

While applying Flanil cream on his foot, I advised him on keeping weight off the foot. Not to use your foot. To rest. 

'Are you studying or working?'

He said,'Working'.

So I added,'that is alright because I will give you 2 days of MC to rest'.

'That's okay doc as I am working for my own company'.

I looked confused. Hmm 21 years old owning his own business.

He understood my dazed look and offered more information.

'My mother owned several petrol pump and she has just passed away and I was forced to take over her business. I haven't gone out to see my friends for awhile now. So, lastnight I went out to see my friend and I played really hard'.

Me: Where is your father?Do you have any other siblings?
A: He passed away with her at the same time. I am the only son and I have an older sister. She is 24 years old.
Me: OMG.. Is it car accident?
He looked quietly and nodded.
Me: When was this?

A: 2 weeks ago. (He answered quietly)

My heart felt suddenly. It was just recently. He and his sister are too young to start a living, to lose someone who meant so much to them. I wonder how is he coping.

I continued,' How are you grieving? It is okay to work but at times you will feel alone. When you do, go out and see friends. Talk to them. You are never alone. Being a man doesn't forbid you from talking about your feelings. You are still young. Your life is still long ahead of you. Take care of her legacy for your mother. Are you planning to continue studying?'

A: I planned to further study abroad in art graphic but now, never mind.

Me: Don't worry. Wherever life takes you there will always be new possibilities, opportunities. InsyaAllah. Take care.

At that moment, the young man bent his head down, covering his eyes, staring at my table.
He nodded his head, listening to my words.

No matter how he strong he tried to be, he is a child in my eyes. A child who lost his shelter and lights.
I felt his pain through the eyes eventhough he hid it well behind his little smile and chuckle.
He is still grieving.

When he left, it made me lose in my thoughts. If I didn't ask him, I wouldn't know. If I followed my quiet mood,I might treat him with reserve and more professional when he is an orphan. Life is so unpredictable. One moment, you have your parents and you are waving them goodbyes. Suddenly, they are gone forever and you don't even get to hug and ask for forgiveness for one last time.


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