Good cop bad cop

The other day, I found a beautifully framed mirror which was so big that it would fill up a wall in my living room well. This shop was just nearby the clinic that I was working and I was surprised by the reasonable price that they offer. I called my husband who came by during my dinner break and showed him the mirror and some framed ayat. We chose the ayat for our wall and a white framed mirror. After bargaining, I got the price that I wanted and left as my break was over. I left my husband to handle everything.The seller promised to send our purchase the next day or the day after that with somebody to fix them on the wall.

So, the next day, we got no call yet so I asked my husband if he has the receipt.

Hubby:Owh I tak minta pun.

Me:What??? Why?? You know you need the receipt as a prove that we have paid and made a purchase. Most of the time, they reer to the series number. Now, how will I call them??

Hubby: I forgot.

Somehow I knew he wouldn't ask for the receipt. This is why I always took matter in my own hands. Today, we visited the shop again and hubby went to talk to the seller. He promised to send our purchase today. And again my husband didn't ask for receipt or anything.

Me: What if he didn't send today?

Hubby: I'll go and scold them.

Me: hahahaha okay. But I think that I will deal with them first if it comes to that.


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