Ikea marathon

Visiting Ikea in Ramadhan is no joke.
We were there from 11.30 a.m. and left at 3.30 p.m.
We were looking for new curtains and rails.
Eventhough it was a weekday, Ikea was still crowded with customers preparing for the upcoming festive.
I guess everyone is in Raya's mood.

The most important thing is the shoes.
I was thinking to put on wedges and then I changed my mind.
I knew my feet will be tired after miles of walking.

They have a home delivery and will assemble everything for you with only 8% of charges from the price paid for the good.
We bought a glass door cabinet for the living room.
My husband was very involved in decorating our house.

p/s: In all this midst of celebration, we were shocked by a tragedy.
It sadden me deeply.
All questions are still not answered.
Why is this keep happening to us??
I can't imagine the families.
Imagine I used to fly through those route before.
As a frequent flier, this tragedies shake me up and putting fears of aeroplane in me.
Because it could happen to anyone.
Al-Fatihah to those who passed away.
Our supports are for the living family members.


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