Eagerly awaits..

You know, I am a person who express her feelings through writing.
I write freely about my emotions but I cannot say them out loud.
Which means I don't talk feelings to my husband.
Tough from the outside, soft on the inside. hehehhee.
Lately, my husband has been waiting for me outside the house at night whenever I came home.
There he was with Isabella looking at the plants while waiting fo me at 11 p.m. when he usually already dozed off with Isabella.
Or sometimes, Isabella would babysit the sleepy daddy who was fast asleep.

Since I didn't tell him anything, I guess he found out from my blog and decided to cheer me up.
It is kind of sweet and wonderful when you know someone is waiting for you at home, eager to see you.

p/s: I need more plants and flowers. I cangkul bulan puasa tau. Nak pengsan!!


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