Auntie Rose-ola came for a visit

Being a doctor to your own child is not easy.
It is easy when it comes to simple disease but when it is the wait and see period..
Owh Gosh I really can't take it.
Isabella has been sick for 5 days now.
Yesterday I weighted myselfand found out that I dropped 4kg equivalent to 4 days of my baby's illness.
You see, she had high fever for several days.
It could be simple thing or it could be something.
As a doctor, we will come up with several differential diagnosis based on the story of how you got sick, how many days, what happened and then the signs from examination.
What Isabella has seemed like a viral fever but the rash has not come out yet.
Thus the waiting period.
Wait and see.
While my baby continue having high fever.
So sad to watch.
When the rash comes out, it could be chicken pox (unlikely as the fever was too long), roseola (harmless) or measles (bad disease really bad).
If fever prolonged until 1 week to 10 days, it could be Kawasaki disease (super duper dangerous disease).

Now, we wait and see which one does she have.
It is better to be a parent who doesn't know all these than knowing what are the possibilities that your child might have.
Thus,the lost appetite and weight loss in a mother.
My husband is worried but in a different way.
He doesn't understand those diseases.

I was so ready to settle with the initial diagnose of Acute otitis media until today when my husband called me at work, 'Sayang,baby ada rash all over the body'.

I became panic.
'Show me the picture. I want to see'.

God please be Roseola not Measles.

From the look of it, it looks like Roseola.
Fever has subsided once the rash comes out.
Baby is still cranky and easily worn out.
This is just a simple viral fever.
It is called Roseola.
It starts with high fever 3-5 days (39 degree) and then when the fever subsided, pink rashes appears all over the body and sometimes the arms too.
When you press the red rash, it will blanch.
The rash usually last for 2 days.
After 24hours of no fever period, you can take your baby outside the house already.
Roseola is caused by Herpes virus and it travels through oral secretions.
It is a mild disease and not dangerous.
Kids below 5 years old usually get affected.
It is common so might as well you know.

Being a doctor has its advantages, a lot.
But sometimes knowing too much is not so pleasant when it comes to your loved ones.
That is why 'ignorance is a blessing'.

I guess that is why a doctor don't tell you much.


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