Morning rezeki

Hye everyone, how is the week so far??
Mine has been okay cut the crap yesterday was horrible!!
I saw 100 patients throughout the whole day.
That means I listened to 100 people complained about their health and life.
Not easy.
You know when you meet that many sick people, you tend to catch some bugs.
Which mean I woke up with a bad sore throat.
Took 4 tbs of honey in the morning.
Hoping that it will boost my immune system.
Now, I can't kiss my baby anymore until I recover.
No kissing your kid when you have flu okay??

So, how do you deal with a busy work??
Take it positively.
Have fun with your employees.
Joke around with strangers (patients).
Think that you are helping others.
Especially when random makcik praised you saying how you made their sick day better.
It is not difficult to spread positivity to others.
Take fun ootd in the morning.
That cheer up my day too.

I wrote before that I am getting a maid soon.
As it turned out I am not as the maids have ran away as soon as they touched down.
I am getting a refund soon.
I am bumped.
Good news is I met a kind couple today and they are my neighbours.
My wealthy bankers neighbours.
The wife has recently resigned from work.
She loves baby since her kid is already 16 years old.
This kakak is around 40++
She liked saying 'uhh if doctor wants to send your baby, I can babysit her since I am quite bored at home anyway'.
I of course jumped at the opportunity.
They obviously don't need the money but just doing it for the sake of you know boredom and have not had a baby for so long.
How do you pay a wealthy babysitter??
We used to drive pass their house and admiring the beautiful renovation and all.
They are really nice, respectable couple.
Okay everyone in my neighbourhood are respectable older people with titles.
My husband and I feel very inferior in that sense.

Still, I can't wait to drop by her house and wander around seeing the excellent work that they did to their house.
I would say that this is rezeki (blessing).


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