Good morning everyone
It is a great morning right?
I love morning because of the bright sunshine which promise a day of luck and opportunity.
Each day brings different fate and each step closer towards success.
That is why, we should always use time wisely.

Today, Isabella will be staying with my neighbour, the kakak I mentioned before in the post Morning rezeki.
No she is not the one in the photo.
That is my mother in law with Isabella yesterday.

We went to Kak Jem's place this morning and dropped Isabella before we went off to work.
She seemed fine.
Hopefully she will be happy there and won't trouble Kak Jem so much.
I actually persuaded almost beg Kak Jem to take care of Isabella.
I know she didn't need the money and she has not mentioned the price.
She is very motherly, loving and gentle.

Baby, please be good because mommy really wants this new relationship to work.
I know in my heart that Kak Jem will be good to Isabella by looking at her personality.


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