Bunnies Pet

When I was small, I was a lonely child.
I had a friend who reared bunnies.
She had so many of them.
Every evening, I would ride my bike and went to play with her bunnies.
Snce then, I fell in love with bunnies.
They have always been my best animal.
Name 3 favourite animals.

Since I can't have the two below, I can have bunnies.
There is this pet shop near my clinic and the bunnies are so cute.
I would visit them everyday.
Still waiting for my husband's consent.
He somehow is reluctant due to our lifestyle demand.
He fears that we cannot carry this additional responsibility.

But look at them!!!
So adorable.
Isabella is going to love them.
I remember vividly that feelings of hugging a bunny in my arms.
I wish my child to experience love towards animals and compassion.
But first, I have to win my husband.


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