The weirdest thing happened just now.
Oh Gosh!
I am a very confident, self-assured person. Atleast I thought I was.
Until today.
You know back in school, when guys made a pass at me, I was so used to it that they rarely flutter me.
I would just smile and nod an acknowledgement if it was made in a proper manner or just ignored if it was in an inappropriate manner.
Of course I know and can sense when a man is flirting with me.
It is in my sixth sense.
In university days and during work, I encountered this multiple times.
I am good at handling this. Guys would think that I am holding my ground but they didn't know That my shyness behind the laughter would come out if they pushed it for too long.

So there was a man, an Arab man who came to the clinic.
He was tall, good looking, with mohawk hair. Dressed up neat and smart, smell good too.
Well, this clinic always have visitors from foreigners even Caucasian so I am well used to seing different kind of look.
I won't get fluttered for looks, though.

He told me about his problem.
It was a muscular pain at the left side of the chest, due to an injury in football field.
After a while he asked me if I was new here? I told him no but I am here only once in a while.
He explained how he has been here few times in these 3 months but missed me.

My sense issued a warning but it could be nothing so I tried to ignore it.

I examined his chest, checking for any rib fracture, listen to his lungs.
He was kind of shy
I apologized for my freezing hands as they touched his back.
As I examined him closely, his eyes were on my face. Damn! 

I felt very shy. I don't like being shy because it feels like you are losing.
I braved myself. 'Steady Cip'.

Then, he started asking me more questions..

'If I come back, will you be here?'he asked.

I answered,'Maybe not'.

'If you are not here, how will I make sure that you will be here?'he added.

'You can call first', I answered.

'Which numbers?'he continued.

'You can call the clinic's numbers', I said.

'Then, will they give me your number?'he asked.

I couldn't help but smile at his candor,'No, that will be against the policy'.

'Do you have any cards so I can contact you? Or is that against policy too?'

'I don't have any cards', I raised my two hands.

'What is your name?'he asked.


He added,' That is a very classic name. Do you know the meaning? It is in Arabic and it is a classic language in Arabic literature. It means someone very wise, a clever person'.

'Wow, that is a good name. Thank you. I hope I represent it well' I replied with a nervous chuckles.
(When will this end?)

'I think it does because I am sensing that you are very different and you are wise and clever. The name suits you really well'.

This guy knows his way too well around a lady. He must have a lot of practice and I am no match for him in this.
Or perhaps I am feeling nervous inside because I am out of practice?? That must be it. I shouldn't have to deal with this anymore. I am a happily married lady. Sigh.

After some time, I bid him goodbye. All was well.

I stood up from my chair alone in the room.
My sense was all up now. I have to trust my instinct. He was flirting with me, right?? Why didn't he ask if I was married or not?? Should I just tell him 'I am married by the way'. Wouldn't that be embarassing blurting it out like that.

Took a deep breath. Tried to calm my nerve. Relieved that he was gone.

A senior nurse came into my room,'Doctor, he wants to see you again. He said, can I see Hasifah?'

I paled. 'No, no, I don't want to see him again. I don't feel comfortable. There is nothing else to say. Everything is settled. Tell him that I have gone out to toilet'.

'Doctor, he said he can wait for you'.

Shit!! Man!! What does he want now?

He came in and said,'doctor, where do you work usually?'

'I work in Putrajaya'.

'If I were in Putrajaya and I got hit by a car, where should I find you?'he asked.

Sigh. 'Do you want to get hit by a car?? Why?'

He added,'If I have to see you. I don't mind an accident. Can I see you when I am well?If my chest is still hurt, can I come back to see only you?'

'Yes you can but I hope you stay well', I finished.

'Well, nevermind then. I will drop by the clinic to visit you even if I am not sick, okay' he bidded me goodbye.

Persistent is a virtue but a this moment, misplaced.

Hopefully, I don't have to see him again. It is not because I felt a chemistry or that I was attracted to him which makes me feel uncomfortable.
I felt uncomfortable because yea I felt cornered like a helpless rabbit. All the staring and look and smile.
He is flirting in good mannered because he is attracted but like I said I shouldn't have to deal with this at this age. 

When I got married, I told my husband that it will be refreshing now that I won't have men flirting with me or approaching me.

Now my husband is good looking eventhough not as rich as this Arab guy.
I am still loyal to you honey for better or worse hahahaha.

I know some of my friends who still have guys chasing after them at work, how do you guys handle the nerve? Especially at work when you have to encounter the person again and again. It gets uncomfortable. Okay, it is 16:40 and I am about to go home now. Great weekend to all of you tomorrow:)


  1. Just tell him that u r married or get the nurse at d registration counter to simply told him that the doc inside is happily married with a daughter...
    Or aimply put a big photo of you n yr family on the room..
    Or maybe just get yr hubby to be there when he's around..
    Something needs to be done than letting things go as it is...
    Coz i thonk, i wouldnt want the same thing happen to my partner..
    Just my 2 cents..

    1. Hehehee thanks lynn. I will if the next time I see him with the same behavior. Hopefully, I don't have to see him ever again.


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