Final week of August

Good Monday everyone.
It is a start of the final week of August.
I can't believe August is going which means September, a more relaxing month is saying hye soon.
My birthday too!! Clap clap.
Not like I have ever celebrated it.
My husband's birthday is coming soon too and I have bought him something which he truly wants for years.
I saved the money and bought him a gift.
He has been singing about wanting it for years.
He wanted to buy for himself but I beat him to it.
Super good wife hahaha.

August is the month of our independence day which means patriotism and hahaha okay cut the crap PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!
I have been working so hard this month that my back hurts.
My shoulders are stiff.
I even asked the nurses to rub them one day.
Just couldn't take it anymore.

No exercise at all.
Just simply no time.
No day off at all.
Super duper workaholic.
No window shopping, no leisure, no walking in the mall.
What a life.
But I still enjoy the pleasure of my days every now and then.

So, September, I will start jogging in the morning because I will have so much free time.
Gonna spend it sleeping in with Isabella, so much cuddle time since I have missed a lot on her activities.
Yesterday, when I said good bye to her before going to work, she cried.
Poor baby.
Final week baby and mommy will be next to you all the time.


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