Never worth it to fight

Good morning love,
Today morning I was sulking because of my husband.
I asked him to take my ootd at the back of the house.
He was lying on the bed with Isabella, right after he cooked her porridge.
He is going to work a little bit later than I am so he will drop her to babysitter.

He answered to me 'Lazy la'.

I persuaded him,'Jom la. It will take only few minutes. Then you can lie down again'.

So, he wasn't moving.
I went down and warm the car engine.
After several minutes, he wasn't in sight so I felt sad and drove to work.
Thinking in my mind how he couldn't do this small thing for me.
I know it is not important but not everything has to be important.
Sometimes you do things to make others happy.
What you do not like doesn't mean others shouldn't to.
People are different.
Everyone's opinion is different too.
What we don't agree, we might as well keep to ourselves instead of voicing out everything and end up hurting our friends.
Instead of making everyone be more like us, we should just respect and accept everyone just the way they are.
I am not referring this to my husband but to everyone in general.
You know how people like to give comments in social media.
As if they know everything.
Okay back to the story.
I reached clinic and my husband called.
I cancelled.
He whatsapped me.
Saying that he went down to take my photo but I have left.
I didn't wait for him.

Me: It is okay. You are too lazy for me. I asked for a small thing and I have been a good wife. Still you cannot do this for my pleasure. I will remember this forever.

Hubby:Ala.. Janganla syg. I feel so guilty already. Serious. I am so sorry luv. I went down a little bit later thinking that you haven't left. I wanted to take your photo. I didn't know that you have left. Okay, how about I will take your photo in the evening?

Me: Hehehe okay. We'll take photo in the evening. You are forgiven. Lucky you that I have a soft heart hehehe:)

First thing, I didn't scold him but I used good words. I made him feel guilty instead of hurting his feelings. He knows that he is lucky to have a wife like me so he will think again and feel guilty.
When he says sorry, I accept it fast because I know he did go down eventhough later.
He is sorry so why should I go on nagging.
Guys hate that.
He promised to make up to me in the evening eventhough I might not need it in the evening.
The thought that he tries to make up to me is enough for me.

In marriage, we tend to bicker about small things.
It is not worth it.
So, take care of each other's feeling.
Do not talk when you are angry.
Cool down first.
Then, discuss.

Marriage is a beautiful thing and we should cherish, respect each other.
Words should be guarded well.
My husband is too precious for me to scold him about something trivial:)

My ootd wearing black in respect of MH17 today.
I asked the usual nurse to take for me hehehehe.
Why I love ootd?
It is fun.
And I need photos when I blog.
You guys will get bored reading without something to look at right??
Have a great day friends:)


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