Pop of colors to cheer..

Good Tuesday everyone,
It is good to be back at work again.
To meet familiar faces again and talk about silly things.
Isabella woke up early and I bathed her before going to work.
She was happy and playful.
Her rashes are fading.
Love her so much.
As much as I missed my baby, I have to work to feel important.
A working mom.
So have a great weak people.
Lets stay positive and work hard:)

Do you know who else misses me?
My nurses.
The clinic was in chaos when I wasn't around.
So I made them take my picture today.
I am wearing Salmon Quinche from duckscarves.
I am telling you that I am so addicted with this made.
The scarf just fall gracefully on your shoulder.
I chose flowery pants to brighten my day.
Because colors can cheer myself and those sick people who come to see me:)


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