Big 3-O

Can you believe it that it is Friday already?
The last working day of  August!!
In case you think that I am over reacting, hold your horses.
This month I worked for 350 hours when an average working man (office hours from 9a.m.-6 p.m.)
only work between 160-250 hours per month.
To the extend that I am constantly in need of pain killer due to headache.
So you see I don't get it why people need MC for something as trivial as runny nose?? hehehe.
Well, I laughed only in my heart not in front of them.
So yeahh!! I am free.
Today is my last day of working until next month of course.
I get off from work at 6 p.m. today not 10.30 p.m.
You can imagine my flowery feelings budding right??
Spending time with family and baby, what a blessing.
Too much work is no fun just like all play and no work is boring.

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday.
30th birthday.
Big 3-O.
I knew what he wanted so I have been saving for his gift.
He has been saving his own but I decided to beat him to it.

Tadaaa! Mac book pro.
Panting for breath...
Crazy stuff.
I wanted to get him another make but he can only use Mac book pro for editing work bla bla.
Tak faham.
But the main point is people in production business only use Mac Book Pro.
Because of my love to him, I decided to make him happy.
I cancelled my own thing and buy his birthday gift.
Baik kan??
No la.
It is just that I realized how much he has done for my baby and I and he deserves something that he really wants.
After all he needs it for work and for so many years he has been singing about buying this.
He saved the money last year but because we were going to have a baby, he used his saving for me and our newborn.
I knew how much he really wanted to buy this at that time but he gave it away for his family.
And that is not something I forget.
I told myself that I will get this for his next year's birthday.
Quietly I worked extra and saved the money.
So tadaaa..
Happy birthday darling.
May your dreams come true.
Thank you for bearing with me.
I love you.

Sincerely, your wife:)


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