To love and live, the story of my life

I did some match making work last night.
Only they and fate will decide how a love story ends.
However, when it comes to love and life, it is about taking a chance.
Everyone has fear.
You and me.
We fear losing and the pain, we fear the uncertainty..
Every step that we take is accountable.
Am I doing the right thing?
Is he the one?
What if he is just toying with me?
Will I regret my decision?
So many questions?
No instant answers.
Who knows?Definitely not us. Except God knows.
In time you will find out the answers to the question.
Should you escape life and challenges because of the fear of uncertainty?
Now, my story..
I had this policy before I met my husband that there is no way I would get to know a random stranger be it on the street or introduced by my friend.
My ego was too high.
When a guy passed me his phone numbers on the street, I would just throw them away.
Some came and approached me when I was in shopping mall.
Most men were not my taste but there were some who could be my taste.
Still, I have never considered them for second.
Just because I met them randomly.
Now if I see on movie these days, that might develop into a romantic coincidental love story right?
2 people right for each other just met in a shopping mall.
They didn't know it yet that fate will bring them again and again together.
They talked and bidded each other good bye.
As each one walked away, a smile crept across the face.
A smile of contentment.
Life goes on. They forgot about each other until one day..
They bumped into each other at a shop.
'Hye.. it is you again!!How is everything?? We kept on bumping into each other like this, it must mean something'.

My story is, I would never consider knowing a guy through random chat.
Whenever I received a random hye from stranger online, I would just scoffed off..
'Yea like I would say hye back, please'.
Pride and ego.
One day, I didn't know what got into me, what mood was I into that I answered a chat from a random stranger.
Suddenly my mind went 'yea why not?You are too uptight with all your rules and regulation. No fun at all.
So I said hye back.
I was still reserved, not contributing anything to the conversation, but I listened.
I listened to his story about daily life.
I answered question about health but I didn't tell him anything about myself.
I asked everything about him from background to current update.
He was enjoyable.
I enjoyed the light mood of listening to stories about someone who has different way of thinking than I did.
We bidded each other good bye.
Never promised to meet again online.
It was just like that.
And we walked away.
To me, all are forgotten.
He was just a pleasant conversation.
A week later he came back.
I immediately replied because yea, I knew him already so consider a friend cincai kira.
Rules and regulations don't apply anymore.
This time the chemistry was stronger.
I was so comfortable with him like no other.
Still, I have not browsed through his facebook profile.
I didn't want to know him.
To me it was just a chat.
But he kept coming back.
I finally was curious that I went to check his profile, his photos.
Does he fit into my criteria?
What is my criteria anyway?
No, I don't think he fits my criteria.
He looked so messy.(pelajar comot)
 The point is I walked away several time because he just didn't fit into my criteria.
He went out with me with a knee length short, a t-shirt and slippers.
Owh fainting.
No slippers please.
I hate that.
How we met also didn't fit my criteria.
I hate it that my love story didn't fit my plan on how love story should be.
Now, looking back I am so glad that I answered the chat.
I am so glad that during that one free-willed moment, I acted spontaneously and ignored my stupid rules.
There is actually no rules and criteria in love.
The heart wants what the heart wants.
Spontaneity has its advantages.
With just one small thing, everything changed.
I wouldn't have met my husband  otherwise, fall in love and have Isabella.

So sad..
So, go out there and be free of your mind.
To love and live...


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