Isabella's first word

I am so excited to share with you all.
My 10 months old first word.
I was playing with her last night.
As usual, I would say a word hoping that she will listen and repeat it someday.

So I said it loud and clear, ' Daddy'.

And she said 'Daddy' loud and clear. It sounded like how I usually say it, not with a baby incoherent fashion.

My husband and I turned to each other mouth wide opened.
'Did you hear that?' I asked.

'She said daddy!' he exclaimed.

'Our baby can talk!!' I said excitedly.

We then, rushed to her and started hugging, kissing Isabella.
She looked at us with a smile.
I guess she didn't know what an accomplishment that is.
Her motor speech function has matured.
Which means we will hear her saying new words more often now.

I wished her first word would be more advanced like 'Whats up mom'.
It would be so cool. Hehehehe.
As for now, I can settle for this.

Anyway, I am so excited to teach her more and read books to her.
She is at a stage of imitation.
She will repeat things that we say.
Therefore, I will use this period of time wisely.

She kept on repeating 'daddy' after me last night.
Though, I am kind of sad that she chose the word daddy as her first word when I have taught her 'mommy' since the day she was born.
So sad.
Anyway lastnight Isabella didn't greet me after work at all.
She was busy with Pocoyo.
It was so not like her.
She didn't sleep on my chest anymore but crawled to her daddy's chest.
She likes daddy more now.
Serve me right for always being missing.
Daddy spends more time with her eventhough it was just at night.
Note to myself now that Isabella might love daddy more if I continue working like this.
Some adjustment need to be done.
My absence is not good for our bonds right baby??
I will steal your heart again hahaha.
Love mommy forever:)


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