Post Raya thing

It is a post Raya thing:-

I gained weight:(
2 kilos.
It must be the lemang thing.
So, now I am watching out my eating habit again as usual.
I always watch what I eat except those occasional cheating like Mc D once in a month or Starbucks on some Fridays.
I know I know they are bad!!!for health.
Good news is that now I am boycotting all Pro-Zionist products so no more Mc D and Starbucks for me.
I can stay healthier that way and save my money.
All I am trying to do now is no binging out at night, to eat rice once in a day in one scoop or no rice at all.
It is not hard to as I am not a fan of rice anyway.
On a normal day, I like to eat koeyteow soup, meehoon soup, tomyam, fried koeyteow.
I find that I can watch my figure easier that way.
And I packed the fridge with buttercups salad and veges:)

So my post raya thing is number 1, to lose weight and to eat healthy.

Second is to save money.
You know how we tend to over spend during raya.
It is that raya outfits.
It is that old nenek or atok that we happened to visit who might benefit from angpaw.
It is all charity.
If we think that 'Owh I gave my hard earned to so many peopleand my bank account won't look good now' you will feel depressed.
If we think that 'Whatever I am giving is out of my sincerity to help others in this good occasion and to give joy to children and parents, relatives', you know that Allah will reward you more and more in Jannah and in this world.
So my post raya thing is also to save money to compensate for that bank account that I told you about.
No la just joking.

This month is the busiest month for me.
Despite my earning, I can't even use the money.
I am saving for my Europe trip in November.
I have paid for all flights and hotels.
Now all I need is for the expenses and shopping hehehehe.
So I am shopping fasting.
Just browsing online shopping website but not clicking anything.

Good thing is I have saved money for my husband's birthday gift which is at the end of the month.
So that settled then:)

Here is Isabella on my day off yesterday.
It was a great day to stay at home all day with your baby.
I wished hubby could stay with us too but with me being at home, he used the opportunity to settle things at the office.
I am very appreciative towards his time and willingness to babysit our super active girl while I am at work.
I am super lucky you know to have a man who shower and dress my baby, cook baby's porridge everyday, cut all the veges into tiny pieces, put her to sleep, watch her messing up our room and house and sacrifice his resting time.
What will I do when he starts working next week?

This is happy me before work. I have found a secret place for daily ootd. Just loving the beautiful rooftop view.
Have a wonderful Friday everyone:)


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