Every cloud has a silver lining

Life has been hectic recently.
Everything is better now.
We spent the weekend with family and friends.
Attending open houses
Everything was just lovely.
It is good to talk and laugh with people who are close to you.
We had a big lunch today to celebrate Isabella's recovery.
Hmm actually because we haven't had proper meal for several days since she fell sick.
We were kind of starving.
It is not a good idea to take her with us.
She climbed onto the dining table and chased the cutleries, sauces and everything in front of her.
The table was a mess.
But the best part was, her appetite has returned and she ate a big size of the cream mushroom soup.

I am so glad that I have my husband with me as my partner.
We make a great team especially in time of distress.
We make decision together and support each other.
That is the most important thing in a marriage, to lend a shoulder for strength.
Every challenges make us grow stronger and bigger.
That is what I feel right now.
Thankful to Allah for every blessing and my husband for choosing me as his partner.
I feel so lucky.
Love him muchos.


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