My backyard garden

I have shared several weeks ago regarding our plan to create our little garden for the family.
It has taken us almost 3 weeks what with the nursery being closed due to festive season.

I started with a few plant and used a small spot in the backyard.
Plants are pricey.
Each piece costs around RM 8-15 dependings on the flowers.
Roses are even more pricey.
So instead of buying a whole bunch, I spent few hundreds at a time.
At times, it was Rm300 and the next was RM400.
You would be surprised how few plants I managed to take home with that price.
At first I struggled with them as the roses were falling and leaves turned yellow despite my diligent act of watering them.
I then, did some reading.
As it turns out, you shouldn't use the ground soil solely when planting.
I need to mix the plant with dark soil.
Dark soil is sold in the nursery too.
I used organic fertilizer which was bought at the same place.

We visited a nearby nursery MRB in Bangi.
They send the plants to our place and planted all of them including the bamboo trees.
I chose bamboo trees as our fencing plants to separate our house from the next door neighbour.
If you see the row of flowers next to my porch, they costed me RM 1500 including the bamboos.
After spending all that much, they made just that much.
I planted the flower beds in three layers.

Our gardener has cleared out all the weeds to prepare for a beautiful lawn.

Finally, the grass is here. A lorry from Sg Buloh's nursery sent them yesterday.

The worker spread sand on the ground before placing the grass.

There are several types of grass that you can choose such as Pearl grass, Japanese grass, Philippine grass, Taiwan grass and many more.
We chose Phillipine due to its easy maintanence.
The most expensive is the Japanese grass but a little bit fussy with maintenance. The cheapest will be the Taiwanese's grass.

My lawn costed me RM 2000.
It is done by Bangladeshi guy named Brahim.
He is the neighbourhood friendly gardener.
He does my lawn beautifully.
And cheap in comparison to the landscape companies.

The workers laid the rectangular grass cut on the ground.
You can see the gap in between the cut.
The grass will grow to fill up in between.
At first, you have to water them every 2 hours.
Naaa! I don't water them. Hahahaha. Couldn't run back and fro from work every 2 hours.
My hardworking gardener does it for us.

As you can see, I am happy hopping in the garden.
If you want to ask more or interested in building your own garden, you are welcomed to ask.
Have a great day.


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