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Top blogs that I am totally hooked right now:



Frankly, I envy her life, a life of travelling. She travels all over the world and blog about it.
It opened up opportunities to her.
Travelling is my passion.
Her blog and instagram feed me with incredibly beautiful photos.
I want to go to all the places that she has gone.



She has her own website for online shopping.
She basically travels all over the world for work.
She is married and despite her homecountry being Switzerland, she and her husband currently reside in LA.
I love her sense of style which is very edgy smart.
It is feminine and smart but she always manage to add a little bit of edge and attitude in it.
Not to mention that she looks gorgeous and flawless.

3) Proudduck


This is in my toplist too because of her writing.
I love her spirit, kindness and wit.
She can draw a laughter through her writing.
She makes life seems
She is Vivy Yusof the founder of fashionvalet
It is a company which deals with online shopping which provides exceptional designs from Asian designers.


This blog is very informative but what hook me to it is her supermommy ability to take care of her family and at the same time being a busy doctor.
I used to work with her in the anesthesiology department in Hospital Selayang.
It is a pleasure to know her as she is clever, funny and kind.
I was never bored in the Operation theatre when she was around.
Furthermore, she was a wonderful teacher.
My first successful intubation was under her guidance.
Hahahahaha and I still remember the feelings.



She is the wife of a Norwegian soccer player.
She studied journalism and started her blog after graduation.
Since then there was no turning back for her.
I love reading about her positivity and determination in taking care of her health.
She has lot of tips on skin care, make up and fashion.
She is a hardcore when it comes to fitness.


_MG_9640 copy

Indah nada is an Indonesian girl and according to her, she is not a mixed blood.
Looking at her, she does look mixed though.
She is currently studying in Germany.
What I love about her is her cheerfulness and refreshing outlook on life.
She reminds me on a very innocent young girl.
She is also a hijabi model.
She feeds her readers with beautiful photos of her daily assembles and travelling.

Do check them out. Maybe they will have you hooked too.


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