Picnic birthday theme?

Believe it or not, this baby girl is going into 10 months old.
Soon she will be 1 year old.
My husband and I had a short discussion last night.
'Syg, Isabella's birthday is coming in 2 months. Should we do some small gathering?' I asked.
He said,'Hmm boleh jugak'.
Yeay!! But I'm not surprised at all. He has a soft spot for Isabella.
He confessed once that he thinks he love Isabella more than me.
I made him take that back and revise his feelings.
Make sure you come back with atleast 'I love you bothe almost equally'.
Guys. Pfffffttt. Get the child, forget the moms.
Anyway, regarding the upcoming event planning.
Hmmmm....ideas???No idea..Hahaha
I never had my own party so how would I know.
I am thinking of a garden outdoor picnic after Asar.

There will be chairs and tables for adults but kids can sit on a big picnic linen together with toys.
It is easier to handle your children like this.
But most of all I love the nature environment with the green lawn and flowers.

So these were the ideas that I got after a half day of googling.
My head spinning from hours of staring at the screen.
So what you guys think?



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