Easy baby

Seriously, it is not difficult at all taking care of Isabella.
My neighbour sent me her photos saying Isabella helped kemas rumah.
Hahaha this girl can mess the house really well.
She especially loves papers and books.
That kakak said that 'she loves book more than teddy bear.
Future doctor'.
I am glad she is happy because the last time I sent her to a nursery, she was just staring at ceiling the whole time, emotionless.
Very Zombie like.
She was very quiet and unhappy.
Didn't even bother to play or crawl.
She didn't eat much.
So unlike her.

Now, this is more like her.
Active and fussy.
This girl is not a fussy eater.
She eats anything you give her.
You don't have to blend the food so much.
She doesn't cry.
She doesn't need you to be around as she plays on her own.
She babbles a lot and very loud.
Laugh and grin to you when she caught you watching her.
Attention seeker.
Sleep 3 times in a day, very long.
Easy one.
So, who wants to take care of Isabella?


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