The weirdest thing..

The weirdest thing happened today..

I woke up with sleepyhead.
Breastfeed my baby in a lying position, half-awaked.
Cursing myself for needing to work.
After half an hour of rolling in the bed, I dragged myself to the bathroom.
Managed to shower and got ready within 15 minutes.
Drove all the way to work which took me 15 minutes.
Everyone greeted me and I chatted with the nurses as usual.
Then, my colleague who was doing the ultrasound procedure finished and came to me,
'Hey, I thought you are off today!'

I looked at her confused,'Really?'
She continued,'Yea you told me last 2 weeks that you will be off today'.

We immediately checked the roster and guess what?? I am not working today.
Hahahahahha. Imagine the pleasure it felt.
Adios people I am going to continue my morning sleep.

Of course I didn't.
Gave my husband a call to share the good news with a promise of delicious meal starting with shaurma for breakfast.
I will prepare something special for my baby too.
The idea of cooking for my two special persons send warm feelings inside me.
I must be neglecting them for too long.
Luckily my husband has not started work and willing to take care of Isabella for a whole day until mommy comes back at night.

The forst thing I did as soon as I reached home was tending to my babies..
The bees are everywhere but they are just like me, enjoying God's nature.


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