Today, my husband came back at night so I had to pick up Isabella for her aunty who babysits her and take her to work on my night shift.
I forgot how fun it was to have my kid around me all the time.
I miss her.

We went to do some groceries shopping together just like old times.
Eventhough it was very short, it was more than enough.

She chose the balloon as she passed by.
Good choice honey.
She kept on banging her head at the bird.

Isn't it fun to have this little minion accompanying me all the time?
Though I am so grateful with my new kakak/neighbour who takes such a good care of my baby.
Really! Super clean and fussy.
She changes Isabella's clothes like 5 times in a day because of small stain.
Happy laundry for me.
I usually am not that fussy unless the clothes are wet and she will feel cold.
She only allow Isabella in long pants and long sleeves to prevent mosquitoes bites whenever they sit outside the house.
I am that mother who let her kid wear bodysuit and chase mosquitoes away.
My parenting is way simpler than hers.
Kak Jem confided how fussy she was towards her daughter's babysitter before and how many times they change babysitter.
No dust should be a breath away from her kid.
Hahahahaaha I am glad that I found somebody worse than I am in term of hygiene.
Isabella is in great hands.
I asked her today how much should I give her for doing such a great job.
It is a relief to meet her.
I would pay high price, I don't care.
Because to me my baby's safety and happiness are number uno.
Now, I can work in peace.
She informed me that she is doing it for fun, not for money.
However I intend to present her my token of appreciation every month.

Isabella really love Aunty Jem.
She laughs and cheers whenever aunty teases her.
I am so thankful to Allah for sending us this beautiful family.
For months, I have been patience and struggling with multitasking between work and family/baby until finally I gave up on looking for babysitter/ nursery that I decided to get a maid.
However, I didn't get my maid  because she ran away before I have her but Allah replaced her with a new solution.
How beautiful is fate??

Everytime I bow my head to Allah, I am just thankful beyond words.
No words to express how I feel whenever He gives me so much.
I am not that good of a human.
I have so many flaws.
I forget about You so many times before.
I did so much wrong.
Why have You been so merciful to me Ya Allah?
And that I cannot be because I am not that forgiving nor am I that merciful.
However, I will do my best in my sincerity to carry out my life as a Muslim the way that is required of me, InsyaAllah.
Just grant me strength and Istiqamah.


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