You can never be too careful..

I am a very cautious person when it comes to food hygiene.
If I even see a fly landed on a dish, I will not touch that food ever.
I wash my hands with soaps everytime I touched a patient, after toilet even late at night when I woke up to pee. Despite my mind telling me that I should just skip the hand wash if I only pee as I was sleepy, I still practised hand hygiene.
I don't like to touch the toilet knob especially the one that you pull to flush. I could imagine all the germs running wild on that thing.
I see people with food poisoning every day.
People think that food poisoning is something to be taken lightly.
Yea you just diarrhea for one day and then it will be gone.
That is when you are lucky.
When you are not?
When your virus is as bad as Cholera?
I cannot begin to tell you how unlucky that person is. He could die! Yes people die from food poisoning.
Kids die from Rotavirus. Salmonella typhi is bad!!!!!

So, if you see me going to anyone's place and I would not even drink from there, do not force me.
I will not touch any food despite how delicious they look. If the food is being exposed in the air without a cover, and flies attacking the dishes wildly and everyone is still busy spooning the dish into their plates, I would think that nobody cares about flies.
The cook herself didn't mind the flies around her food.
I could just imagine how she let the ingredients  exposed in the air during the preparation.

So, nope I won't eat.

Today, I felt like despite my cautious level, I was defeated.
I was working as usual. My caring husband went and bought his lunch at Aeon Big, food section.
When he heard that I was hungry, he gave me his rice with chicken.
I refused because I am a fussy eater.
With his persuasion, I ate his lunch a little bit as it was not my choice of dish. There was no vegetables.

Half and hour after eating, I felt this funny rumbling sensation in my tummy.

Oh no oh no.

Ahh maybe it is just temporary.

After 15 minutes, there was a typhoon in my tummy.
Gosh! This must be that rice.
Yup!! I have food poisoning right now and I didn't even choose that food.
My lucky husband bought his food from mamak stall and he is fine.
Lucky you!! I feel like I have been sabotage.

No matter how careful you are, you are still not careful enough.
Except when you eat a home cooked meal.
Sigh... no home cooked meal for me this busy August.
Tight like a virgin schedule. August, please pass quickly.

So remember everyone, be careful with food poisoning because there are those who are unlucky(the coma guy in hospital after food poisoning).

Peace yalls:)


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