A Mophead Hydrangea to grace us all

Ah it is Saturday again!!
Who doesn't love a weekend right.
So lets just chat or I'll do the talking and you guys listen.
Tomorrow is my birthday!!
Shame on me for crying that loud.
My inner child.
Anyway, we are having my in laws coming over.
They have been asking for so long when to have them come over.
I suddenly found an off day tomorrow and decided that yea come on over and I'll cook up something for you.
So yesterday, my husband needed to pay a visit to the nearby nursery to get some more white stones.
And I found Mophead hydrangea.
Got two of them.
Each one cost RM 100 and my husband's reaction was like 'Mahalnya?? Nak beli ke?'
I replied,'Yes!Yes! This is my dream plant. I will research and take good care of them'.
So here they are.
They flower was so big, bigger than the size of two hands.
So you got it right, how I melted right there?

Once I have planted them, I will show you guys okay.
Hydrangeas as I read about them are not that fussy but they have their requirements.
And the thing is you can change the color of the flowers with the change of soil pH.
They can turn blue, pink or red.
Hopefully, they are happy with me so that I can get more of them.
I started with roses previously.
At first, they were not doing that great until I found the rhythm and now walla they are the prettiest in my garden.
So, roses are not difficult at all once you know their requirements.
I am getting lots and lots of roses to fill my garden.
Baby step honey.

These are our inspirations.

As you can see, hydrangea can grow so big but they need fertilizer two times in a year, 5 hours of morning sunlight and afternoon shade.
Too much shade, they don't bloom and too much sunlight, they will wither.
So the most important thing is location.
Water them just enough because too much water can rot the roots.

Next aim is to create a lily bush.
Pretty right??

I can't believe that I can still smile this morning as I slept so late lastnight.
My baby girl decided to torcher mommy by showing how much she misses mommy.
As soon as I got her from babysitter, she became so clingy that we just have to shower together.
She sat on my prayer mat right where I should bow down until I had to move a little to find space.
I was so hungry and tired but she refused to be left alone or put down.
Finally it was 9 p.m. and my tummy couldn't take it anymore so I called my husband to ask if he is coming home soon or I will die hahahaha.
Isabella made me sing 'If you are happy and you know it clap your hands' until pass her bedtime.
The best thing was she would clap her hands according to the song.
My baby is growing up so well.
Mommy is so proud.

That's it for today.
You guys have a great weekend.


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