Produce a happy husband

I have been slow on blogging lately.
That is because I am enjoying a quiet and peaceful week with just my family.
It is just the 3 of us in the house doing our own things.
How I love my little family.
I was making breakfast downstairs while my husband entertaining Isabella in the hall upstairs.
I could hear him singing Hazama's song 'Kurelakan jiwa'.
I hurried to settle my work to join them.
It was one of those relaxing moment where you watch your child joyfully while listening to your husband singing with his guitar, and think how wonderful it is to have them around, and that you want this moment to last forever.
Because at this moment, they are all that matter.
Life comes in different ways but marriage and love are even trickier.
Until you understand the concept that you will guide your marriage well.

My husband's cousin got married recently.
While all of us cousins shouted joyfully our 'Congratulations!!' we were laughing naughtily behind the couples, saying ' Rasakan kau kahwin. Nak kahwin sangat. Kau ingat senang!!'
We were just being funny.
Despite my jokes, marriage isn't a bad thing at all but it is not something you should take for granted.
Marriage is a magical thing.
I wished I have been married to my husband forever so that I could be with him even as a little girl.
But that gonna be weird and illegal.
My husband's wish was different, he wished that he would know me as a little girl so that we could be the best childhood friends and he said I quote,' you will never be lonely ever again'.
That piece of sentence was so deep that it went straight into my heart.
So he knows.

I asked him,'Do you know me? Do you really understand me?'
He replied,'I know you very well sayang. Who you are is a reflection of your past'.

'Then accept me for who I am for it is my experiences which molded me to who I am today', I said.

'Do you accept me for my flaws?'he asked.

My answer was,' I do. Eventhough at times I do wish you are a fighter just like me. Tougher. Angrier. But it is your calmness and forgiving nature which drew me. Our differences which brought us together'.

When I see couples argue and fight about their relationship, they blame each other.
Nobody wants to admit a fault.
I think each one them has done a share of wrong in their relationship.
Nobody is perfect.
It doesn't matter who did most wrong but it matters that we admit that we both were wrong and lets not do it again.
Nobody is getting a prize.
So who cares that you were always right and your husband always bla bla bla.
Whatever he did wasn't even that big of a deal unless it was the big thing you know.

Lets make other kind of mistakes but this one, we have passed.
Support each other.
Help one another.
Wheather it is emotionally, spiritually or financially.
Doesn't matter.
Because it might be your turn to need help later.

As always the wives are the cleverest here.
I believe a clever wife makes a happy husband.
Know your role and understand your game.
Produce a happy husband:)
That sounds weird though.


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