Rules on how to treat your babysitter that parents should know

As usual today we dropped Isabella to her babysitter who I always refer as 'kakak' here.
As I usually finish work at night, her daddy usually pick her from 'kakak's place'.
At night he will tell me tales on Isabella which was told by 'Kakak'.
How Isabella managed to climb the whole stairs until the upper floor and the uncle was her favourite for accompanying her on her climbing mission.
Most nights, they take her out for a drive.
I don't know why they do it but I guess they really enjoy having Isabella around.
It gives me pleasure.
Because of that I made several rules to take care of this relationship between her
babysitter and us so that she will never feel burden or displease.
It is so difficult to find a good person whom you can trust your child with and once
you found her, you should cherish her just like family.

So here are things that I do..

1)Always tell my babysitter what time I will drop my baby and when will I pick her.
There are days when we might send Isabella in the afternoon and pick her up in the evening.
So I always make sure that the kakak knows and she is alright with it.
Always assume that she has something to do and by giving her a heads up, she can organize her schedule around my baby.
If one of us will be late, I will ask her first if she can spare some time.

2)Pack your child's bag with lots of clean clothes, more than enough diapers, shower sets, body lotion, diaper rash cream, baby balm, termometre, nasal sucker, towel, lots of small towels to wipe drools, or clean the mouth after meal. Everything complete so that your babysitter doesn't have to look for things far.

3) Provide a clean baby's linen, bedding set with blankets and pillow. Change every 2 weeks so that you can wash them. It is important to care for hygiene because you don't want ticks and fleas biting your children. Don't believe me? Come to my clinic and see the numbers of babies with tick bites.

4)Supply enough food for your children. My husband and I cook porridge for Isabella everyday so that she gets freshly cooked food. We also supply her with some bananas so that she can have for snacks.
If you want your babysitter to cook, you can supply her the rice and vegetables.
As for me, I want to make my babysitter's life easier so that she will take care of my baby forever.
Hehehehe. So, she doesn't have to cook for my baby. Her meal sets are supplied to be kept at the babysitter's place.

5)I give many bottles for her and tell her that she doesn't have to wash them.
I will wash them at home. Hopefully this will make her job easier. Although I provided her with the bottle brush, I still want to wash the bottles myself. It is very important that every crease will be cleaned or fungus might grow in between and cause severe food poisoning for your children. I am most satisfied if I do it myself. So you will see me sniffing my baby's bottle from time to time.

6)Be generous to your babysitter. Don't ever be stingy with her because not everything
is about money and the fact that she is caring for your children is a big help on her 
Pay her on time and  at times when you think she should get more, just add a few
extra bucks as a gift. For example when you pick up your children later for several
days. Nobody like to be burdened or be step on.

7)Don't be fussy. I trust my kakak. But it is not a blind trust because of course I have observed
and kept my eyes on everything.
Seeing how happy my baby is and how well she took care of Isabella, I trust her 
I told her to treat Isabella like her own and so she doesn't have to be extra cautious
because I trust her.
But this kakak is fussy like she told me she only let Isabella go out with a long pant because of mosquito bites.
There was one time I send Isabella to her with mosquitoe bites on her arms and cheeks. Kakak was so nervous thinking it was her fault. She applied all types of cream on them. So then I told her that Isabella got it while helping me water the flowers in the garden.
And even if Isabella gets accidental mosquito bites in her house, she doesn't have to worry because things happen at time.
So be gracious.

8)Be nice to your babysitter. Always smile and talk pleasantly. Whenever I have some 
time to spare, I usually sit at her porch with Isabella and chatted. It is always
fun talking to her. I treat her as a friend.

9)Buy souvenir or gifts for your babysitter wherever you go. Just to keep her heart.

10)Overall it means you have to be nice to your babysitter and understanding.
She is not your worker but somebody kind enough to help you.


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