A talker

Good Malaysian Day everyone,
I am sure you guys are having fun at home right?
Same like me.
Having fun at work hehuuu.
Hubby is having a shoot in KL and Isabella will attend a wedding reception with her Aunty babysitter.
Good for her.
She is 11 months old today.
When you miss a lot of hours from your kid, you get easily amazed by her development.
Last night, when I came home, she turned and saw me, she said,'Eh!!' with surprised pleasure.
We were playing together before bedtime and I realized that she can say several words now such as nak nak when she wants something.
When she doesn't want something, she will say nak nak while shaking her head.
She says daddy and mamma.
She can say her name too Isabella.
How exciting.
This girl is very bubbly and talkative.
Especially when her words sound clear.
I prohibited my husband from doing the baby talk because I want her pronounciaton to be clear.
Mommy monster right??

Now, I am planning her intimate birthday party for next month.
Thinking of the menu..

Have a great day fellas.
Big hugs!!!


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