Second baby, not ready yet.

How was your weekend so far?
Mine is .. as always working hahaha but good nevertheless.
Anyway, my husband came back yesterday from Ijok, Kuala Selangor wherever that is.
He has a telemovie shoot overthere.
Wanna see the picture?

Cute right??
My husband of course (I meant)

Okay atleast cute to me.
I can't judge him fairly because he wins my heart.
Anyway, I was so happy to see him you know eventhough he has been gone for only 2 days.
It felt like forever.
Good thing these days, I was so preoccupied with Isabella that I never have time to 'merajuk manja'.
Lucky him.

I had to drag Isabella to work with me today because I haven't had time to bath her.
Also that she suddenly pooped right before we went out and I couldn't drop her to the aunty who look after her with her diapers full.
I bathed her in the clinic and feed her.
The morning was so hectic.
There were so many cases to be seen and an emergency as well.
Isabella was being difficult.
She is old enough to start exploring everything.
Being demanding.
Very bossy.
Only her will is the most important.
I blamed her daddy for her personality.

But at that moment, I always focus on my case and ignore my baby.
It is very important that I don't get distracted when there is an emergency.
Doctor learns to separate task and priority very well.

So a staff has to take care of Isabella and sadly we were short of staffs.
I didn't feel good knowing how short-handed my staffs were and the lining of patients waiting for their turn.

Until suddenly her babysitter called and said that she was driving in front of our house and saw no car.
'Is Isabella in the clinic? Let me take her home with me. We are taking her out today'.
That was a blessing.

Now, it is quiet again.
Bless my kakak.

Owh do you know I have just given her angpow for taking care of Isabella.
And she was being very difficult refusing my angpow.
She told me that she was doing this for fun and the whole family loves Isabella.
She never thought about money.
I explained to her that there is no way that I can pay for everything that she does because I owe her too much but this is as a token of my appreciation and so that I don't feel so embarass sending my baby over.
It was more than 15 minutes of tug and war.

You know what I am thinking?
My second baby.
Will she take care of my second in the future?
No I am not pregnant.
Still on pills.
Maybe middle of next year if I feel like it.
Looking at my baby now, hmm not yet.
For now I am not ready yet.


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