Professional and trust

Today,I was disturbed by a green eyes Arab man in clinic.
Why la?? Why me??
Seriously it is not that funny anymore.
Especially when I was so sleepy and tired.
While I was checking his temperature, he said to me ,'I don't think I have fever but I am hot though since my eyes are green. Do you notice my green eyes?'

I just couldn't believe my eyes and decided to ignore the comment.

He later insisted that I look at his green eyes.
As I looked at the computer monitor entering my notes, I said,' These days, anyone can have green eyes due to contact lenses so it's no biggie deal'.

He started asking me out for a coffee date in which I refused and explained that I have a husband and a baby already.
'Sorry. Happily married'.
He was surprised but still insisted for a date.
Crazy guy.

The last time, I posted about somebody flirting with me at work and I did receive a comment on how I should tell those guys that I am happily married or get my husband to my clinic.

I want to say that eventhough I know somebody is flirting with me, no matter how disgusted I found him and his behavior, I will always be professional.
I am a professional through and through.
I will act appropriately, be polite eventhough if I find your behavior displeasing to me.
So no emotion will be involved.
I won't tell you to shut up or get out.
I will answer your questions eventhough if it has nothing to do with your health.
But I know when to stop without being rude.

The guy asked me 'What is your name doctor?'
Patient: What a beautiful name. What does it mean?
Me: A wise one. Someone with wisdom and clever with words.
Patient: What about beautiful? They should add that in the dictionary.

I smiled my polite but not that sincere smile.
But I didn't prolong his conversation.
And of course I tell all the guys who made a move on me that I am happily married but it is just that nobody cares.
They have no ethic.

It is the same if a patient shouted at me, I still don't shout at him or her back.
I will answer nicely the best I can to control my temper.
Who I am and what I feel does not matter when I am wearing my doctor's coat.
So I hope you don't think that I 'layan' guys just because I didn't ignore them when they flirt with me.
Or scold them.
This is a business (private sector).
How I behave reflect on my reputation.
So be professional and know your way.

Therefore, if anyone flirts with you and you are not interested, don't be 'sombong', just turned down politely.
After all everyone has feelings and embarassment.

With regard of my husband, of course he knows every story as he reads my blog, my facebook status and will be the first to know every story of my day.
Whether he gets bored of them or not, it never stop me from telling him.
I am like that, very nuisance.
Poor man.
He usually laughed it off (the flirting).
It could be that he was so sure of himself that I will never follow one of those silly guys.
Or that he trusts me so much.
I take it as a compliment then.

Me and Isabella having a great morning in our garden today.

Wearing duckscarves in Crem brule


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