Cleaneating day 3

Good Saturday everyone!!
I woke up today feeling good with myself.
That is because I have been taking care of what goes inside my body for the past three days.
Yesterday, we went to stock up some groceries and I bought chicken breast, turkey salami, lots of vegetables, salads and apples.
It made me feel so good eating salad again just like the old student days.
Do you know in 6 years that I studied abroad, I would eat rice like maybe 3 times in a year.
Firstly because rice was not my favourite and secondly because I love eating salad with roasted chicken and some other healthy eating recipe.
Other than that I hit the gym hard every day doing weight and running 10 km per day.
Woke up at dawn and ran across the city while the whole city was fast asleep.
I also skipped the train and busses and walked to the university at times.
What motivated me was the fit way of life that the European live in.
They were so selfconscious about their weight and physical looks.

At first I exercise to reach my ideal weight and tone body.
Then it became an obsession to be fit and strong.
To see how many minutes it take to complete a 10 km run.
It became a climb and then a sprint.
It was a challenge and when I was able to do them all, I could smirk at the boys when I saw how unfit they were.
That was the old me.
Now people smirk at me.

In Malaysia I can see that people are becoming more aware of health but due to our choices of food, we are still kind of left behind.
You cannot exercise and eat unhealthy food because that is like drinking sugar drinks and taking insulin.

In the university, my friends and I could just walk to the cafe counter and chose a delicious salad with a slice of fish fillet.
End the lunch with a cup of green tea while we chatted.
Here in Malaysia, you go to the hospital cafe and there were dishes of curry, sambal with a pool of oil and rice.
You either eat rice or go hungry working in the ward.

If you want to eat healthy again like me, that means waking up extra early to prepare my own breakfast and packed my lunch.
Usually I would buy my breakfast from the Subway but I decided to make my own subway sandwich now.
I've been making them to my husband and he agreed that I made better sandwiches than the Subway.
Now you know why I always have been a fussy eater, a complainer of food.

Now day 3 of healthy eating, I feel so energized.

My meal:
Breakfast: salad wrapped with boiled eggs and a hot chocolate.

Lunch: Salad and roasted chicken.

Dinner: Chicken soup with vegetables.

Strange thing, I felt full longer.
It is not strange actually because protein makes you satisfied faster and longer while sugar like rice gives a glucose rush and fall fast that makes you hungry again.

Eating healthy is not about losing weight but it is about taking care of your health, your heart, kidney, liver and every organ in your body.
A healthy and active person makes a happy one.
A happy and fit person gets a better income.

Now, eventhough we at times overindulge ourselves, it is enough that you know about the overindulgence act because atleast you know when to control it.
It is worst when you know how bad nasi lemak is and keep on eating it like once in a week and roti canai the next day with teh tarik, nasi kandar for lunch.
They go straight to the heart!!
p/s: a thin person doesn't make her a healthy one either.

I am just trying to instill an awareness about health.
That's all.
My aim is only to share love.
So who wants to join me?
Have a wonderful day people:)


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