Encouraging your baby on speech.

Day 2 at home.
It is a blessing to be with your kid everyday.
Lucky those housewives.
On those rare occasion where I get to spend time with my baby, I used it to the fullest.
Isabella is 11 months old now.
She started uttering her first word when she was 10 months old.
Her first word was daddy.
Anyway, now she can say so many words that she just threw us into a surprise giggle.
She can say mama not mommy.
Mama is simpler.
She can say duck, ball, book, Isabella, apple, opah, aduh, dah, nak, taknak which she say as 'na-nakkk' with her head shaking.
She says anything that we say to her.
Just say a short word and she will repeat it to you.
Pronounce it clear so that your baby can catch the sound.

That is why I will point things and say the word while she repeat it.
I love being her teacher to teach her things about life.

She loves books.
This is the only time when she will sit still.


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