How to choose a room through Agoda website

I have been staring at my laptop screen since morning going through each hotel at the agoda website.
My eyes have become dry now and my head starts to hurt.
Whenever I travel, I always book my stay through
First of all, because it is convinient for me.
You just have to register an account under your name and each time you make a booking, it will be so easy and quick.
Then, everytime you paid for a stay or review your stay, you will get points in which you can use later for your next travelling.
But there are few tricks that you have to know when you browse through the website.

1)Pick location. Where do you want to stay?Close to the centre or slightly farther.
If you stay close to the centre, travelling will be easy.
For someone like me who prefers walking and strolling on the street than taking transports, this is the best place.
You can save time on travelling.
It is like you come out from your hotel and get to enjoy a splendid view and start discovering new treasures. Through walking around the neighbourhood, you have managed to explore a big side of the city attractions.
That means picking up a unique and lively neighbourhood.

2)Budget. If you stay close to the centre, that will be a tourist place which means food and water, groceries etc will be pricey.
I hate to buy a bottle of water and pay double.
So a slightly further away from the centre will not be so bad.
But make sure the public transport will take you straight to the place where you want to go within minutes.

3)Near a good food place, cafe, restaurant, open air markets and supermarkets,
I love to visit an open air market in Europe.
This is the place where you can get fresh fruits, cheese, loaf of bread and food.
Eating for less. Yes, here is the place.
This is the time for me to taste each country's fruits and compare who has the best strawberries or tomatoes.
I usually would buy a lot of supplies and keep them in the room for breakfast or late supper.

4)Safety. The neighbourhood has to be safe. Meaning I will avoid crowded lively nightlife streets filled with bars and clubs where youngsters hang out.
Drunken men can do silly things.
Scan for area with less pickpockets as well.

5)A hotel which is so close to public transport.
I prefer metro in my pass but now since having Isabella, I will use bus.
Metro stations are situated underground and I will have to do a lot of climbing with a baby on my arm which is exhausting.
Besides it is inconvinient to carry a stroller up and down through the stairs.
So bus is the answer.
Car or taxi?Not my thing.
My way of getting to know a city is through an exploration on my own.
Europe city is like an ancient medievel sets or a classic historical sets where it is so walking friendly.
You just have to see each building, sculpture up close or it is your lose.

6)When you pick a hotel, click on every photo so that you get a look on the concept.
Click on the room and see how many sq feet.
You can't just rely on the displayed images as usually the use the wide shutter and made the room appear bigger.
7)Check the provided facilities such as microwave, kettle, iron, aircond, free wifi, mini bar, kitchenette and etc.
Microwave makes it easier to warm my baby's food or to prepare something simple for her or our own meal.
Having a kitchenette will be an advantage too.
You can store your supplies in the mini bar.
Most hotels don't have this.
It helps to search and read each one.
8)Check the rating. I will not click on a hotel with ratings below 7.0.
Ratings were given by each reviewer and you should consider each review very well.
Read each review and you will find their opinions on food area, location, staffs' attitude, the condition of the hotel and etc.
That  is why I will decide after reading all the comment.

9)Shuttle service/airport transfer.
I usually prefer a hotel with this facility.
This service is very convinient for you especially if you travel in a group/family and it is way cheaper than a taxi.
A taxi to the airport can cost you around 60 euro which is equivalent to RM 270 or more.
Meanwhile a shuttle can cost you 15-18 euro per person and if there were 2 of us, it will cost us only 36 euro. Half price.

10)Pick a hotel according to the staffs communicating skill.
As I am searching for Paris, therefore having a receptionist who is fluent in English it very important.

Now, if you do all these, you will not be misinformed.
It takes a lot of work but for someone who enjoys the process as much as travelling, like me, will not be a problem.

So I do find Agoda very reliable based on all my previous experiences.
In fact the room price is even lower than the hotel offical website.

Okay enough break. I have to get back to deciding which hotel to choose.
Thank you for layan I hhehehe.


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