She smokes. Scare her away doctor!!

I am telling  you guys that today I am having a wonderful day.
Firstly, it started in the morning.
I guess I was feeling great that it showed.
A girl came in to see me in the clinic.
I examined as usual and gave several advices.
As she turned to leave, her left hand at the door knob and she turned and said,
'By the way doctor, you are so pretty'.
I smiled and replied, 'And so are you'.

It wasn't that she called me pretty that pleases me but the fact that she wanted to say something nice to me even before she went out showed that she likes me.
Which meant only one thing, I did a good job.
In turn I was even more pleasant to everyone.

Second, a girl came because of back pain.
She came with her boyfriend.
He suddenly said,' doctor, she is a smoker. Can you give an opinion on how bad smoking is to one's body.Please scare her '

I looked at him, confused.
He said please.
He wanted me to lecture his girlfriend on smoking.

So sweet.
As it turns out he doesn't smoke but she does and he badly wants her to stop.

'Why don't you smoke?' I asked the young man.
'It was because my father used to smoke so much and I didn't like it then', he answered.

Wow just like my husband.

So I started giving her the scare of her life how a smoker will never be safe because life is not a series of luck and magic and that if you smoke, your lungs will not escape the burn, turning black and decaying effect of the poison.
I told them that when I was a medical student, my lecturer took me to examine an old man with a bad lungs.
He was 60 plus, looking so frail and wearing oxygen tube.
Even then he couldn't breath as if he was drowning in the air.
I could hear him  breath like this  huuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh heeeeeeeee.
I started gasping for air as if I was choking.
The girl looked at me with eyes wide opened.
So I asked my lecturer,'What is wrong with him?'

My lecturer said,'He was a chronic smoker and now he has lungs cancer'.

Which means he will live as if he is drowning until the day he die.
What a painful way to live.

'You are still young. You have so much to achieve. Why subject your body to disaster. You know that smoking can damage your skin, create wrinkles around your lips and stain the teeth.
If you see what I have seen, you will be more careful about health and life.
Because once you get sick, you will never be cured. For example, if you have diabetes and hypertension, what are the chances that you will get rid of the diseases?
I have seen people coming in and out again and again in the hospital.
They will get slightly better to be discharged and in a month or so they will come back because well medicine and science is no miracle of life.
So don't get sick.
You see that my palms are touching the table but you should know that I will never touch my face or my lips with these hands until I wash them with soap because of the germs that people bring to me on daily basis.
I can get sick.
So yeah I am paranoid that way.
Because I have seen things and I don't want to be them.

I ended my speech.
The guy was smiling totally enjoying my speech but the girl was struck with fear.

'Have I scare you?' I asked her.

She answered,'You have. Now, I will try to quit smoking'. She said with her very worried look.

'Yes, try harder. That is why don't talk to a doctor about health. Doctors are nuts and they are paranoid. After all we have seen so many people suffering, sick on daily basis and passed away too much. It is miserable'.

'Gosh, how could you live like that?' She asked dramatically.

'Hahahaha that is why I am a wacko. Now, try to take care of your health. Of course we will lapse here and there but as long as you know that what you are doing is harmful to your health, that is enough. So that while you are smoking and thinking damn this cigarette tastes good, you will also think about I am puffing poison. This cigarette going to make my lungs turn black and I will die. I am killing myself!!'

'Are you scared?'I asked her.

'So scared doctor', she said.

'Hehehehe ya then my job here is done'.

She thanked me so much for being frank and said that she enjoyed my stories. It looked like the boyfriend enjoyed them more.

Despite my horrible stories, they seemed reluctant to leave me.
Thoroughly entertained by my drama.

I hope you guys know the bad shit on cigarettes.
Take note and go scare someone else now.

Sharing with you my welfie with Isabella:)


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