Fitspo, fit inspiration

I have started working out for some time now.
It all started with my back pain.
I realized that due to bad posture, weak torso and long hours of sitting, my muscles are not at their best shape.
They cannot support my body very well and thus causing the backpain.
So I started working out again.
Doing strength training hitting the deep layer muscles hard especially my abs and tush.
Finishing with a good stretching.
I feel so much better.
My body looks good again.
My abs and butts become tighter.
Seems like I am not the only one loving this new change because my husband commented yesterday that I am looking sexy.

It is challenging to squeeze time for a workout.
I started with 20 minutes at first and later on it went on for 30 minutes and 1 hour.
It is okay if we are weak at first because strength will develop in time.
I was out of stamina at first only.
Even one set of 10 times push up almost killed me.
But today I could do so much more with few sets.
I love doing push ups because it is a catabolic exercise (burn fats) as much as it mold the chest muscles so that your chest become tone.
I like to start my work out with a 30 minutes run followed by strentgh training.
My training will start with push ups and squats.
I will do the things I hate most when I am fresh so that I won't find excuse to escape.

I have to wake up early for a jog while my baby is still asleep and have my husband wait with her at home.
Not having anymore back pain is just wonderful.
Having a tone and strong body is a bonus.

I realized how I have neglected my health these past 2 months and it is time to be more attentive with what my body needs.

Whenever I am in a fit mode, I need a fitspo (fit inspiration).
Here, let me share with you some.

My aim is not being skinny but being tone.
See her muscles?
The veins are so sexy.
The abs are tight and you can see the muscles line but not the bulky muscles.
Which is just perfect.

This is my target.
It is not that difficult to achieve with a proper training and low fat diet.
Hehehehehee laughing at the word diet.

Hopefully I don't have to go back to eating salad only just like med school days so that I achieved my best bod which I did.

Old days it was more into fitting that skinny jeans, certain size, very tight body so that I can wear that tiny figure hugging shirt without an ounce of fat seen.

At this age, it is not for vanity but rather about strength and health and just not to get mushy fat.
After all I dress up better this days (cover up).
Gone were the old days.
I had a share of fun so no regret.

So back to the fitspo.
Are you guys excited?
Or is it just me??

p/s: and I don't want to look fat in photos during my vacation hehehehe.


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