A wrap on my weekend..

I just came back from kampung.
I like to say 'kampung' because it makes me feel very Melayu.
Eventhough, our 'kampung' is like 40 minutes away from Putrajaya.

We had a wedding reception on my husband's side.
It was good to see my mother in law and all the in laws with nieces,nephew.
The whole big family came.
It was a hot day, I had a headache, Isabella was so active and cranky due to the hot weather.
Despite all that, it was great to end the whole event with laughters and lots of love.
Family is everything.

It was a special weekend because my husband turned 30 on the 30th of August.
We had a surprise for him.
I prepared the cake in the kitchen while his sisters blocked the door in case he decided to come in.
We bought the cake from Secret Recipe.
It was a prompt thing.
His cousin off the light.
The wedding became dark suddenly.
Hubby wanted to fix the light.
Then, the sound man played a birthday song while I held a cake with all his sisters walking out from the entrance towards him.
He was really surprised.
Because we were busy with our cousin's wedding.
He cut the cake and I fed him a slice.
It was a memorable night.

Now we are backed in the city.
Hopefully, we'll be able to get together again.

Can you spot me?? Hehehehe


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