Exposed to criminals

I was followed by two foreigners yesterday as I walked to the parking zone.
It was a first time to me in Malaysia so I decided to share so that ladies out there will be alert.

I finished work at 5 p.m and I always used the back door of the clinic to get to the parking building.
The parking zone is in another building, located behind the row of shoplot where the clinic I work is.
It is far and isolated, quiet too.
So using the back door means I walked behind the shoplot which is how to get to the parking faster.
It is slightly dark because this is where lorries unload their things.
As I was walking heading towards a group of foreigners (Vietnamese, Siamese I am not sure) who were sitting on the floor talking to each other, I saw a guy in the group looked up and saw me heading towards them.
He pulled his sitting friend to a stand and pointed at me.
As I passed them he started talking loudly.
They then followed me.
I immediately notice and started looking around to see if anyone was nearby.
I was subtle.
It was quite a distance and they are still following me.
Picked up my pace to put distance between them and me in case I have to run.
I will just drop my shoes off.
I changed my route to walk on the road behind the shoplot.
It is brighter and more open.
The shaded pathway that I used has big block of wall hiding me from view.
So I feel vulnerable.
There were cars passing by trying to get to the parking building.
So I walked along the road next to the cars.
They couldn't speed and they were very close to me too.
I walked fast and almost reaching the building.
They were yet behind me still following.
I could know without really turning.
Could see them.
It is a skill I developped long ago as a medical student studying abroad.
I crossed the road and entered the building.
Walking next to the car which stopped at the ticket entrance.
Getting to parking zone is tricky because it usually is empty without a person to help me.
I crossed the car as they waited for the ticket, fast and slipped in between the parked car and headed to my car.
It was far but it was slightly hidden.
It was not in the open space so they wouldn't be able to spot me immediately.
Since I was fast in slipping in between cars they didn't see me turning to where my car was.
I didn't run because I didn't want them to know that I know.
But I was very fast.
Inside the building I didn't walk in the open space to avoid easily spotted.
As I was about to reach my car, I hugged my handbag and click the door sensor.
I hugged my bag because a dangling handbag will limit your movement.
Opened the door and jumped inside.
Press locked.
Started engine and reverse.
As I was about to leave, there they were looking for me.
Adios sucker!!

So ladies, always be alert whenever you are walking.
Everyone can be a bag snatcher, a criminal so when you walk, always guard your bag.
I like to hang my bag on the side that is not near the open road.
Example if you are walking along the road where a motocyclist can pass by and snatch your handbag, you hang it on the other shoulder.
The same hand hold the bag so that when someone try to snatch it, you will get involve in a tug-war.
Walk where everyone can see you so that help is available.
Walk fast and assess your enemy.
Trust your instinct.
Who could be the enemy.
If anyone follows you, walk fast and act normal but assess places you can escape like a shop or a group of people you can join.
You know how some ladies like to enter their car in leisure pace, that is stupid.
Open the door, and get inside and lock.
Then start the engine and go.
Don't start checking your phone and bla bla and have someone pull you out or rape you or whatever.
Do that later.
See how in the movie, the lady will walk leisurely to the car and sit in the car taking time to start the engine.
And suddenly the door was snatched open or the window got broken.

It is unrealistic to think that we will never go anywhere alone.
I don't have the luxury of a driver so we need to trust our instinct and judgement to survive.
The survival instinct I have developped as I took care of myself abroad.
One wrong step, you might ended up dead or get beaten up by so racist group.

And I love spy movie, Bourne wannabe hahaha.


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