Pampering day..

I was walking around after lunch and saw a pamplet for spa and massage.
It immediately caught my eyes.
I can't remember the last time I went for a spa day.
Ages ago.
My body is in pain.
My shoulders, scapulas hurt so much.
No amount of stretching is providing a relief for me.
I definitely need my pampering day.
The question is when?
I feel guilty enough leaving my baby to work so I can't leave her for my selfish day.
Anyway I still need to because my body and my health are as important as everythig else in my life.
Or else who will take care of my two precious persons.

Next week, I am going for a jog!!
Why is it that every week I make the same vow??
And never followed through??
But this time I am serious haa guys!


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