Loyalty and devotion have to be protected in love

Good morning!!
It is a gloomy Saturday isn't it?
What with the rain and me having to drag Isabella to clinic.
I am back on the single mother mode.
Husband is away shooting in Kuala Selangor for several days.
Thus the busy me juggling life as a working mom and a super mom.
Equal to no blog updates.

My birthday has just passed recently and that makes me officially 29.
As I am heading towards the end of my 20s.
Seriously guys I can't take this.
I am old!!!!
Now according to those makcik-makcik who came to see me in the clinic, they thought that I was still young, unmarried, childless.
Anak dara.
They would give me the wide eyed shocked expression when I kindly explained that I am married with a child.
I do take good care of my skin and my health.
I have like more than 5 steps of skincare for morning and night.
Maybe 10 steps.
I can rub the cream even with my eyes closed.
But the thing is the clock is still ticking.
You know how man age slower than woman.
But that is not all the case.
I have seen men who aged faster than I am eventhough being younger than me.
Ladies, hmm even more just because they don't take care of their appearances and health.
I cannot count on how many ladies that I met and had to hold my breath.
Sad. So sad.
It made me wonder how her husband could stand that stench.
Please la weh. Being married is no excuse to not use deodorant.

One thing that I cannot have is for my husband to think of me as 'less beautiful or hot'.
That is why I take care of myself.
I think that is a healthy principle when you wish to look good, healthy, beautiful and hot to your husband and yourself of course.
Doesn't matter what God gave us but we have to do our best to look good.
So recently my husband went away and he commented how I am way hotter than his leading role.
I didn't add further to his comment but I felt warm inside.
Who doesn't when your husband compliment you.
That is the only compliment I seek.

So last Thursday, I met that guy.
Remember that guy I told you about in the post 'Flirting'.
That handsome rich Arab guy.
So he came back to the clinic.
I bumped into him as I was walking to work.
Looks like he was from the office with smart attire, tall, fair, good build and chiseled jaw.
He stopped me, took off his sunglasses and said,'Dr Hasifah, hye fancy meeting you here. Are you working today?'

Me: Yes I am. What are you doing here?
Guy: I came to just get some medicines. But now that you are here, I want to see the doctor. I want to see you.

I pretended to be in a hurry so I continued walking.
He trailed behind me.
So I replied,' Okay, if you want to see a doctor, I will have my colleague see you after this'.

Guy:No!! But I want to see you. I am your favourite right?
He smiled cheekily.

I didn't answer and just entered the clinic.
Closed the door and sat quietly inside.
He is a charmer.

As much as I am loyal to my husband, I still need to protect my heart.
I just don't play with fire.
Even smiling at him made me feel guilty.
I urged my staffs to deliver his medicine fast so that he will go away.
Then the nurse came inside and told me,'Doctor, he wants to see you outside'.

With a heavy heart I stepped to the counter. I don't want my colleague and the nurses to be suspicious.
He told me that he couldn't stay for too long. He was sorry for that as he has an urgent matter.
'I will come back to see you again soon ' he finished in front of the nurses.

'Please don't come back again', I told him.

He seemed shock but nodded with a wink.

I sat for a while and think.
Maybe I should stop smiling to anyone.
But I didn't smile at him anymore.
I didn't scold him either.
But I am a professional and I can't have a doctor shouting to a patient.

Called my husband and updated him.
I told you I am loyal at heart.
Even then I realized that our hearts are fragile.
So we should always protect them.
Now we think that 'oowh I only love my husband/ wife to death' but one flirt will lead to another and before you know it, you are already doing something behind your partner's back.
Be it, seeing someone for a cup of coffee without your partner's knowledge or replying an innocent messages to a potential marriage spoiler.

It will always start with 'Ala it is just a coffee and chat. Nothing more'.
But why do you have to go? Unless that is a real friend and you have to catch up or some work to do.That is fine. Whatever it is your heart knows best.
Listen to it.
The voice of righteous.
Tell your partner so that no misunderstanding will arise in the future.
Trust is a powerful thing.
But to earn that trust, you have to work for it.

And guys, husbands, if you think that your wives don't have values after marriage, you are so wrong.
Women are as much valueable as men in the market regardless how much we age.
It is how we take care of ourselves.
I have married girlfriends who are still being asked out by men.

Guys can have round belly after marriage and that is not attractive.
The fear of losing our partner will create romance and appreciation.
Romance is soooo important in marriage.
Without it, marriage can be too monotonous and boring.
Now go woo your partners. Wink**


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