What if I am not a doctor..

Do I look like a doctor to you??
No right??
Nobody can guess what anyone really is.
Whenever I am at work, I like to chill at the nurses counter as I laughed with my staffs.
To me they are like adik-adik.
I listen to their problems, give advices where necessary, learned about their backgrounds and most of all I tease them relentlessly.
I know their background, from Felda, Felcra and their village childhood stories were hilarious.
They are different from me in the mind and set but that's what makes life colorful, learning about others.

Once in a while, there will be people coming at the counter.
Took one look at me and just raised their eyebrows.
With a panel insurance card on his or her hand, she knocked the counter while looking at me.
Apparently that was a signal for me to get the card from her hand and start attending her.
I took one look at the sour dour face and totally ignored her , staring back at my ipad.
Let her wait.
Is that the manners for you to call someone.
She continued waiting  for a while and then I gave a signal to my nurse.
Nurse came.
Nurse: Pernah datang sini?? 
Stranger: Hmm.

or at times the situation is like this..

nurse: cash ke panel?
No answer from her. She let my nurse wait while she search the wallet. The nurse was quiet waitig patiently. Grabbed a card and passed it to the nurse.

So that is the answer. Panel.
You let someone wait for you without a word.
How rude and exasperating.
When they think that I am the nurse, they are rude to me too.

I waited for the nurses to settle the registration and I stood up without looking at them, entered my room.
As soon as they saw I was the doctor, the atmosphere changed..

'Laaa doctor ke tadi. Minta maaf la tak tau'.

They were gentle, respectful and gracious always.
They were totally different persons at the counter and at me.
So what if I am someone else, is that how you should treat others?
Doesn't matter how much you make and the fact that you make more than others, that is a lousy reason to treat people like crap.
I anger me learning about this.
It is alright if you are not friendly but just be respectful quietly.
That is not so hard to do.
I am not talkative too to strangers except my patients but that is work.
I can't be a quiet doctor right?
But to others, I am quiet with just a smiley face.
After a whole day of talking to strangers, I become quiet after work.
Still I smile and nod my head or give short answers whenever necessary.
That is enough as a gestures but not overly done.
S you can't say I 'sombong' and you can't say I am friendly.

These nurses work their asses of from morning till night and most of the time they don't even get to eat lunch.
At 7 p.m. when we have our Maghrib break, they opened their lunch and suddenly a lady walked in with her noisy children.
Insisted on registration.
Making loud noise, angry at them for having a break.
My nurse closed the pack of rice and had to answer to those barbarian.
It boggles me why people would come to clinic during Maghrib prayer especially when the azan is on air.
At times even shouted rudely because doctor was praying and unable to attend to them.
Sadly, my own people were the one behaving as such.

Why can't we be thoughtful, have empathy and be gracious to others.
Yes, maybe your standard of living is higher so you look down on others, at times those who have less might be the only one who can help you.
I met richer people who are gracious and humble.
I even met a minister who refused to be known in the clinic.

It is shameful what technology robs from us, morality.
You represent your parents, your education and religion.
So carry yourself well.
Before doing that, just scrub that liver and heart extra hard so that they come out clean and good.
Of course this is not about you my friends.
I know you guys are the cool type, just like me.
We'll just point fingers to them.

But seriously lets not forget to think about someone else's feelings ever.
You know how we can get carried away.
Me too.
Ok bye guys


  1. doctor yg cantik. suka tengok. i selalu berangan nak jadi doctor. tp x cukup pandai. suka baca ur blog doc.

    1. Salam Cocochaneta coco, hahaha I bleh relate to 'selalu berangan nak jadi doktor' tu. I pun dulu suka berangan. Tapi takpe apa pun kita jadi, yg penting kita happy hahahaha. Thank you for reading my endless rambling and for your kind words. Hope to see you again:)

  2. hi dear... saw ur interesting outfit at instagram and just drop by ur blog to say hello.. i'm a mommy blogger as well.. :) come by if you are blogwalking..

    1. Hye Farah, thank you for stopping by. Will be sure to drop by urs soon insyaAllah.


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