A beach day for our baby

The other day, we took Isabella by the beach.
She has been there before but never sat on the sand or soak in the sea water.

Our little girl enjoyed the experiences tremendously.

She kept on kicking the sand.

And trying to grab it in her hands.

We dipped her in the sea and waited for the big waves to come.
It was in the late afternoon, so the waves were big.
Everytime it splashed to Isabella and threw us away, she laughed.
She was wary of them at first and learned to trust the waves later.

We realized how precious those experiences for her.
My husband mentioned that she wished for us to take her for a leisure activities more from now on.
I agreed.
We will have to make time to fit in maybe 'farm city' visit or pool session soon.
Kids grow up so fast.
Now that she is one year old, she can express her excitement really well.
She can say several words and understand simple instructions.
The other day, she bit my nose.
She likes doing that and it tickles me so I would giggle.
I told 'do it again'.
She came to my face and put her mouth around my nose.
I repeated 'do it again' as she pulled away from my face.
Again she came and bit my nose.
I repeated my instruction several times.
Just ended up laughing at how fascinating it is that my baby has understood me.
We are very proud of her.

My scarf got wet in the water and I forgot to pack a spare scarf as I didn't plan to get my head wet.
Bought a big hat to cover up as much as I could.


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