Immigration procedure

Today, after long overdue, finally we have some time to do passport application for our little girl.
I was dreading the ordeal as you know it.. because of the long line, hours of waiting and etc.
So, I made some early preparation.

-check the immigration website.
-opening time 7.30 a.m. -5.30 p.m. Make sure you know the rest time. Choose centre which accept more application.
-documents needed- child's mycard, one of the parent's mycard (photocopy and original)
-child's passport photo (black and white). They need only one. For adult, they can snap your photo on the spot but for a child < 4 years old, you have to bring the photos from home.

We haven't taken Isabella's photo and I was hoping that it could be taken on the spot or atleast have a photo booth in the immigration building.
We woke up early because I wanted to be among the first people to arrive.
Okay we weren't the first to arrive.
We came at 8.22 a.m.
The seats were full.
I immediately head to the counter for enquire and numbers.
I said 'Applying passport for baby'.
Because I suspected them to have a special counter for kids, elders and OKU.
I was right. Our number was 2004 and the current number was 2002.

The downside was, I had to bring Isabella's photo. So we went to the building next to the immigration's building, level 2 and within 2 minutes, they produced the photos. It costed RM 15 for 4 pieces.
We went back to the immigration building, level 3 in Al-Ikhlas Tower, Precint 3 Putrajaya. Next to Palace of Justice.
The current number was 2003. Yes!! We didn't miss our turn.
We were called.
The officer was a young male and very pleasant. He seemed to like Isabella's name.

I submitted my IC copy and original IC. Place my thumb print which means I have to travel with Isabella  everytime we go abroad.

Next, we were called to the payment counter.
I applied for 5 years and it is half price for kids, elders and students.
Which means the usual cost is RM 300 for 5 years and it costs us only RM150 for Isabella.

We travel every year and sometimes twice or thrice so I am not going to come here every 2 years.
If I can apply for 10 years, I will. Hehehehe.

All done and it was only half an hour has passed.

Then, we waited to collect her passport.
There are 22 counters. 9 and 10 for special lane and 19-22 for passport's collection. The rest are for passport application.
The service was top-notched.

Poor baby was sleepy.
One hour after payment, as promised, passport was delivered.

Total waiting time was one hour and a half.
Very fast.
Lets go home.


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