Swollen eyelids

Isabella cried at 3.30 a.m.
She cried so loud and so suddenly.
We woke up as if being shot by ligthning.
Her daddy picked her up immediately and walk around the room.
She was crying violently which was not like her at all.
We turned on the light and surprise!!
The eyelids were swollen.

I fell asleep so late last night almost at 2 and had been watching her all along as she slept next to me.
They were still fine.
I comforted her in my arms and she stopped crying.
Breastfed her to sleep as she place her head on my left arm.
I could never stand to see her cry.
My husband on the other hand froze as I asked him to hold Isabella so that I can apply the eye ointment.
He held it so gently that it was kind of useless as Isabella managed to get free.
I guess daddies are like that.
Isabella's daddy is a very hands on daddy.
His little girl is his number one priority.
My baby is my number one as well that is why it is my top most priority not to freeze everytime she cries and start handling or curing her.


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