My loving, bookworm 1 year old girl

Isabella turned one year old yesterday.
We can't believe how fast time flies.
This little bundle of joy is a blessing to us.
We have so much to be thankful for.
We celebrated her birthday earlier during Eidul Adha as she was born on last year's Eidul Adha and because all the family members were around.
Easier that way.
It was a simple gathering with just families.

So yesterday, we spent time with her.
We love cuddling, kissing her and playing with her.
She is very well loved, very protected and well looked after.
Thanks to her babysitter and her family, Isabella doesn't miss anything when we are away.

We only want the best for her so that she will grow up in a happy and wonderful environment.
A happy baby makes a healthy person.

At the age of one year old, her personality is emerging.
Thankfully, she is a very loving baby.
You can see when she kisses someone she likes such as the nurses in my clinic who dotted after her since she was born and her babysitter.
Recently her babysitter was suffering from dengue fever.
At first, she thought it was just a normal fever.
Isabella was with her that day.
Her head and body hurt so much and she had to lie down for a while.
The whole time Isabella was quiet and played on her own.
From time to time, she would come and kiss her auntie on the face and leave to continue her activities according to the babysitter.
It makes a mother proud hearing that.

She is 'supermanja' as her daddy always say.
I do believe in teaching through example.
How we treat our child will reflect on her manners and personality.
Since we are always gentle and loving to her, she doesn't like anyone who talks loudly or shout around her.
She hates it when someone cuddle or play with her roughly.
She will hug you and kiss you on your nose.
Smile and say 'hey or hye'.
She is a talker.
Doesn't cry to strangers or fear anyone who try to hold her.
That is what I want.
A polite,friendly, gentle, loving and happy child.
She trusts people because she knows that she is safe and has been safe.
Seeing her character now makes me smile because I am relief that atleast I am doing the right things.
Parenting is tough.
You have some ideas and you are experimenting on your child.
You wait and see the result of your experiment to know if it has failed or succeeded.

Now her second tooth is coming out as she walks 2-3 steps without support.
She can stand on her own for now.
Still, she is unsure about walking without support for long.
I think she will walk soon insyaAllah.


She loves books.
She will get her books and flip through the pages on the floor.
As she pointed to the letters, she will mumble her baby talks and flip to the next page.
She will continue pretending to read or tell story while looking at the pictures.
Her babysitter reported to me how Isabella loves books more than toys.
According to her, Isabella will read her baby books everyday.
'I think she will follow your footstep. Hardworking, loves book and perhaps she might become a future doctor' said the babysitter.
I informed my husband hahahahaha and he didn't like it.
He said that he reads too eventhough on the net only.

1 year has passed and more years and parenting challenges to come.
Enjoying it and nervous as well,
Cheers people.


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