I know I have been neglecting my blog lately.
I am sorry for that.
I have been preoccupied with errands to settle before my long holidays.
Thankfully I can cross Isabella's warm outfits off the list.
Thanks to H&M and Baby Zara.
KL->Doha (transit)-->Geneva-->London -->Paris -->Barcelona-->Geneva
Too greedy right?
I mean with an infant, it is kind of greedy.
However to a backpacker, it is quite easy.
Anyway, with a great plan, I hope everything will go smoothly.
Our trip is a leisure one for Isabella's sake.
We won't be rushing while visiting so I made us spend 5 days in each country.
She will have sometimes to nap during the day and no late night's walk like we did in Seoul.
Travelling is tiring especially to a child thus she needs enough rest.
I don't wish to see everything but all my itineraries will include activities for my girl.
Gone were the days where I spent days at Oxford Circus, Harrods, Bond Streets and etc.
This mommy has planned Isabella's visit to the Deer Park, Bird Sanctuary, Princess Diana Memorial Park where they have playground built for kids and so much more.
We will still see the historical monuments accordingly.
 However this trip as I explained to my husband is for Isabella.
Oowh okay and my husband as well, sikit.
I inserted some time to visit the Arsenal stadium and Barca.
Boring but well the poor guy is all excited about that.
Not at the fact that he will get to ootd at the Eiffel Tower.
Owh that's my excitement.

Whenever I plan to travel, I will do researches extensively simply because it is my hobby.
And it will make my life a lot easier when I am prepared.
Eventhough I am not planning to visit a place anytime soon, my husband will see me reading about the place.
Where to eat, where to stay, where to go, and which is the nearest and best markets to get food.
How much the cost of living in each city.
All in my mind.
Fun right??
I guess travelling is so much a part of me that I just cannot say no.
So, this time it is my wish and my plan.
I did all the work and will fill in my husband later.
He will start reading maybe one day before we go and he will still be as functional.
I guess guys are natural.
Still, I will be the one to hand him a schedule of our days and information on a building or attraction sites.
We work as a team and we fight as a team as well during travelling LOL.
He will say this way and I beg to differ but that never goes to heart.
It is part of the fun.
A sample of my day itinerary in Geneva:
-Arriving at the airport 13:45
-Check in hotel at 15:00
Take a train (5,10) to Gare Geneva Cornavin.
Connect to a bus to Pl. Eauxvives (1,2,6,9,10)
Walk along Promenade facing Geneva's Lake.
Visit Grange Park.
Stroll in Jardin Anglais (garden) to see Clock flower.
Walk to Old Town Geneva, 5 minutes walking.
Check St. Pierre Cathedral
Chill at Place Bourg du four
20:00 Go back to hotel
See like that.
You can refer to websites for samples of itineraries.
Create the one that suits you best.
You will get a free map at the tourist info centre in every city so don't worry.
With a map, you will never get lost unless you can't read a map.
But don't worry because it is easy.
Practice makes perfect.
You see eventhough I am still here, I already know the tube map of all the cities by heart.
Like I said, I was supposed to be tour guide not a doctor.
Ayah, do you hear that??
Or a stewardess.

Anyway, I am really excited this time because eventhough I have been to London before and found it to be quite boring, oops (finger on the lips) but this time it should be different because I am with my little family.
London is boring when I compare to other places such as Vienna, Prague, St. Petersburg and such.
Anyway, London is still London and people just have to go there atleast once in your lifetime.
It is still wonderful.
I can't wait to show my husband and Isabella all those things that I didn't get to share with them before.
Whenever you travel and discover new, interesting and beautiful view, you would wish to share with someone you love.
Maybe like when you are walking a beautiful river as the sun sets and you would wish to hold the hand of someone that you love, turn to him and smile.
Both of you nodded meaningfully 'this moment is ours. We share this precious moment together and forever'.
This is how we are binded through memories.
So thats why I vowed during those days that I will come again with my loved ones.
I was single at that time.
I never thought that my vow will include Isabella as well.
Suddenly, I get excited to visit Hyde Park and St. James and many more parks, farm, lakes and river.
Don't worry because I will share with you all the places that I'll go and see,with lots and lots of photos of Isabella.

I hope she can walk by then.
Any luck guys?
2 weeks and a half???
Hmm what do you think?
Come on!!
Okay lets go practice some more baby.


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